7 Life Lessons Gleaned from Running Man


To many, Running Man is simply a South Korean variety show. But to some of the most hardcore Running Man fans all over the world, Running Man is what we all live and breathe off. It's not 'just a show', it's something more than that. In fact, with its run of 144 episodes to date, I have picked up several life lessons in which everyone, not just Running Man fans, can relate to. Below are the 8 life lessons I gleaned from the Running Man.

#7 Monday Blues is not a real thing

Come Monday, everyone will immediately start complaining about how they are suffering from the Monday blues syndrome. If you're a Running Man fan, you'll probably know that Running Man films every Monday and Tuesday. If the Running Man members can be so happy while filming, why can't anyone else? Plus, there's also the Monday Couple to drive away any Monday blues and bring cheer and happiness.

#6 Trust no one

Summed up beautifully by Cha In-pyo in episode 114. 

On Running Man, you can never trust anyone, not even your own team members. Especially when that someone is tall, lanky and is nicknamed Giraffe. Similarly, in the real world, you can't really trust anyone except yourself as you strive for victory. Life, like Running Man, is a race, and you need to tear off as many nametags and eliminate everyone else in order to come up on top.

Something Betrayer Kwang-soo doesn't need help in learning.

#5 Importance of strong relationships

The relationships on Running Man are one of the key highlights which made me continue watching it until now. My love for the Monday Couple is already well known, but the other pairs like the Easy Brothers, the Tiger-Giraffe, the Herbivore, the Betrayal Gang...all of these relationships stem from the members real and true friendship with each other.

They are bound together by their mutual love of betraying.

Plus, relationships are important in order for the members to win games. I think that's a good life lesson right there.

#4 Humor can get you places

One of the best things about Running Man is the cast interaction. I love how Jae-suk always just runs his mouth and gems of pure humor just fall out. I love how Gary always comes out with witty one-liners for almost every situation. I love how Kwang-soo used to frame the members, and how he now drops in a lot of betraying. Humor is one of the more important aspects of life; everyone needs a laugh. Just tell a joke, laugh and the world will laugh along with you.

If Suk-jin (Race Starter) can smile, you can too.

#3 Karma bites those who betray

When you betray your friends, you must always expect karma to come back and bite you in the ass. Case in point, Kwang-soo and his hilarious egg smashing fiasco in episode 143. Why else do you think he's the Icon of both Betrayal and Bad Luck?


#2 Never give up on love

I've detailed the life and times of the Monday Couple, how they began, the big breakup and finally how they returned to make every MC shipper's life complete. Through all this, there's only one lesson I got from it; never give up on love. When the Monday Couple broke up, Gary didn't give up. Sure it was awkward between the two of them, but look where they are now. 2 Peppero Kisses, a ton of Monday Couple moments and an episode (ep. 144) which almost made me believe that they were dating in real life. Love, kids, don't give up on love.

Their lips touched! TOUCHED!

#1 Always grab chances

This is literally grabbing chances as they come to you. When any of the Running Man members are faced with a back turned towards them, the first impulse is to always reach forward and quickly rip the nametag off. Likewise, we should always grab any chances as they come to us, and rip them off the back of the Commander. Wait, I think I'm mixing up real life and Running Man again.

What life lessons have you learned from Running Man other than those listed here? Leave a comment below!


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