Astro On The Go Explorer: The Experience


If you've been following my Instagram and/or Twitter account, you may have realized that on Saturday, I was tweeting and Instagramming way more than I usually do, especially with the hashtags #AstroOTGExplorer and #Team17. If you haven't read this post here, you may not even know what I was tweeting about and just as quickly unfollowed me for spamming your account. I apologize now.

But last Saturday was the Astro On The Go Explorer contest, jointly organized by the good people at Astro and Nuffnang. I really didn't know what to expect when I got the invitation, but because it had the word explorer in it, I pretty much expected a lot of games. Being an explorer is basically all about exploring (duhh), and with the event held at Sunway Pyramid, a place I am practically living in, I didn't know what else I had to explore.

Before I go on, let me just get this out of the way. My team, #Team17 won the grand prize of a Samsung Galaxy S4. You may reserve your jellyness until the end of the post and blast me in the comments section below.

The Astro On The Go Explorer contest pits 50 explorers, split into teams of 2, solving puzzles and running around trying to find the Astro booths littered around Sunway Pyramid. We were given iPads so that we could Facebook, tweet and Instagram almost every station we came across. There was also portable Internet for our team to use.

See the word 'running'? While it wasn't EXACTLY like Running Man, the variety show I always wished I was in, it came pretty close. Some people have remarked that because of my intense scrutiny of Running Man episodes through my Running Mondays column, I had the unfair advantage over most of the other contestants. I strongly agree. I played this game just like how Running Man taught me to. Who says my 200 hours+ of laughing in front of my computer is wasted?

But it's not all about me. Like I said, we were split into teams of 2 members. I met my team mate, the very, very fantastic Atika for the first time ever early in the morning.

When the game started, I could sense that this amazing person was the perfect partner. And in many ways, she was. She was sharp, quick to react to most of the hints, and had her game face on for the entire duration of the game. She knew what I didn't, and was swift in deciphering almost all the clues. This was a partner I wouldn't mind having in any future competitions.

 With members of Fairy Tail. 

We did hit a speed bump along the way, in that our system became a little screwy. It wasn't much of a hassle, we just freaking did the entire race twice. That's almost 2 hours of running around Sunway Pyramid to the various booths in every corner. This is probably the first time I've ever sweated so much while in a shopping mall. I could probably walk into any shop in Sunway Pyramid with my eyes closed; that's how much we ran around the mall.

But it was worth it all in the end, because #Team17 got the grand prize.

This picture again, because nyahahaha.

All those sweat and sore legs paid off handsomely. While I haven't gotten my Samsung Galaxy S4 yet, I'm eagerly waiting for the day I can start air swiping stuff. Did I have a ton of fun? Yes. Did I enjoy myself immensely? Yes. Did I get a picture with Jane aka Chuckei? Holy smokes, that's a yes.

And for that I would like to thank Astro and Nuffnang again for letting me participate in this fantastico event.

And yes, Running Man DID help me, mom. I got an S4 thanks to them!


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