Sozo Japanese Restaurant @ Sunway Giza


Despite my lean and slender frame (ladies...), I love eating food by the truckloads. While that doesn't sound terribly impressive in writing, I have gone on the record of scaring my family and friends with the amount of food I can eat in a single seating, especially when I'm hungry.

And here's the thing: I'm always hungry.

So there really isn't a better way to feed me than through an all you can eat buffet. Buffets are the best thing ever, because a) you can eat a lot and b) no one gives you judgy eyes when you eat too much because everyone is busy stuffing their own faces. Buffets are the places where people give in to their most primal instincts; the need to feed. I'm no different.

Recently, I was at Sozo Japanese Restaurant for their buffet dinner.

And man, I can tell you that "Japanese" and "buffet" are the best sequence of words to ever be put together in the English language. I love Japanese food so much that I think I might have to legally declare myself part Japanese. Of course, I can think of one other person off the top of my head who will fight me to the death over that title.

She's clutching her Japaneseness just as hard as she's clutching that bottle of sake. 

Before I had even stepped foot into the restaurant, my heart was already weeping for the fourscore and twenty salmons that will be giving their lives to be my sashimi. These guys had worked so hard to swim up the rapid flowing streams to mate and reproduce so that we may all partake of their delicious offspring. Bless you, salmon. Bless you a thousand times.

Now, I'm not a food blogger. I can't wax lyrical about the smoothness of my salmon sashimi as each carefully sliced piece slides down my throat. I can't speak volumes about the oysters, so fresh that you could almost hear the sound of the sea waves beating beside you every time you took a bite. Or the chuka idako (the baby octopus for those of you who aren't well versed with Japanese foods), and how each of their plump, chewy little heads burst open to reveal a flavor that make your tastebuds scream in orgasmic delight.

Like I said, I'm not a food blogger.

There was one point during the feasting that I was literally tearing up. Yes, I'm not even trying to make a joke now. I was tearing up in joy because the food was making me so happy. If you think that I'm exaggerating, take a look at a couple of these pictures below.

Take a look through my tear-filled lens. 

Sozo is one of those places where food and friends come together very well, especially when said friends take the menu and literally order everything from top to bottom. But that's really the proper way to eat Japanese buffet. You have to fill the table with food and try everything. Sozo lets you do that, again, because it's a Japanese buffet and ordering everything on the menu is kinda their thing.

I am disappointed at one thing though. I was scrolling through their Facebook page and found this picture. I am severely disappointed that we weren't served by these lovely young ladies who look like they could pour a perfect cup of sake. They seem to have the good balance.

Should these lovely ladies have been there, it would have been no big surprise that my appetite would have been even more...aroused? I don't regret my choice of words.

Well spoken, fake Japanese. Well spoken.

If you're interested for Japanese buffet someplace, why not try Sozo? Go try it out. I've got all the necessary information for you because I know that half the people here would be already halfway out the door.

Address: Sozo Japanese Restaurant
13-G, Block A, Sunway Giza,
Jalan PJU 5/14, Kota Damansara,
47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Business Hours: 11.30am - 10pm (Mon-Sun)

Tel no: +6016-221 9774

Facebook: Sozo Japanese Restaurant


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