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I love dictionaries. Dictionaries are like these huge tomes full of words; words that I often don't know the meaning of, and make very little sense. But when I was browsing through my favorite dictionary the other day (don't judge), I stumbled upon a very interesting word.

ˈbrɒli/ (noun)

1. An umbrella.
2. That one guy from the Dragon Ball Z movie you never saw.
3. An exciting restaurant with 9 different kitchens located at Menara Felda Kuala Lumpur.

I mean, don't you just feel so enlightened knowing what brolly means? But today, I'm going to share a bit on the third definition, because a) I'm sure everyone knows what an umbrella is and b) I haven't watched DBZ since Goku got his ultimate monkey form. Brolly is a very unique restaurant in many ways. mostly because it features nine freaking kitchens. If you're counting, that's 8 kitchens more than your average restaurant.

Picture from carolinemayling.com because I was too distracted by the lights.
And I just had this huge Eureka moment as I was typing in that last sentence. Brolly means umbrella in the Queen's language, and Brolly is basically 9 kitchens under one single UMBRELLA. I mean, how incredibly brilliant is that? I'm sorry. It's the little things like that which amuse me to no end.

The 9 kitchens include the Crab Factory, Ember and Bara BBQ, Raksasa Mirai, Nove 9 Pizzeria, Moley's Oyster Bar, Bang Bang Baller Bar (which makes me think of naughty things), My Wing Man, Variety Nibble Nibble Nibble and Sweet Endings (again, naughty things). Most of these names describe exactly what you can expect to be served. Crab Factory, for example, serves a delightful selection of crabs, My Wing Man is non-existent and Raksasa Mirai is gives you a wide variety of monsters to choose from. Like I said, take everything literally.

Like how I'm literally annoying. 
Okay. When I reached the place, there was this huge bus parked right outside the restaurant. It was as though the Beatles had driven up and left it behind. I later found out was where they make the drinks as well. It's all just so brightly lit up, and I immediately felt a connection to Brolly. We both know what it's like to light up the room with our lightbulbs.

Again, picture from carolinemayling.com because at this point, I was just hungry.
But I digress, just a bit about the interior decoration of Brolly. Now, I'm the last person on Earth you should be asking about interior designing, but I'm going to give it my best shot in describing Brolly's unique interior.

It's insanely quirky. The place looks like someone took all the leftover parts from the filming of a Mad Max spinoff and threw it all together into one place. There are truck tyre sinks, gas pumps as taps and a ton of side view mirrors for god knows what.

Oh, okay. 
 I mean, when you have a car (an old Datsun that presumably still works because at this point, why not?) suspended on top of your pool table, you know that the person who designed the place is either a madman, or secretly a supervillian genius.

Of course, when it comes down to a restaurant, the deco is only as good as the food they serve. And like the aforementioned 9 kitchens that Brolly has under their umbrella (genius!), you'll get a really wide variety of choices. Again, I've mentioned this a lot in my previous "food reviews", but I don't actually go there to review the food. Food is subjective...kinda like Nickleback's entire discography.

So I'm not doing myself any favors by telling you how incredibly succulent the oysters are. I used the word "succulent" because that's precisely how I ate all my oysters, with a loud sucking noise.

Totoro will attest to this.
Don't believe me? Think I'm one of those dainty eaters? Well, be surprised at my amazing oyster eating skills in this brilliant video:

I mentioned dainty eaters, and if you can relate to being a dainty eater, Brolly isn't the place for you. Take Crab Factory for example. Crab Factory serves crabs so big that whales swimming next to them seem like longkang fish.

I went to take a picture of the crab before it was sacrificed as my dinner and the dude was all like "bruh, you better don't mess with me or I'mma clamp down on you hard."

Crabs at Brolly's are so tough that even their lame puns seem a little bit cooler.

Brolly's focuses a lot on helping your fellow humankind. Simple acts like putting on an apron can seem like so much more when you have a friend helping you out. But of course, sometimes, things don't happen like how they're supposed to.

The one thing I enjoyed most about eating crabs at Brolly was the fact that they have a strict "no clean zone". That means that messy eaters like myself were free to let loose our inhibitions and things like "social code" and "public conduct" don't matter anymore.

It's a perfect time for you to just go bananas all over the table. I have never hammered a crab shell open with so much glee and so few judgmental looks from the people around me. I had a really smashing time.

One thing about Brolly is their uniqueness (see suspended car in paragraph above). They're not afraid of inventing new things, which brings me to my next point about the drinks. It's an open secret that I am a member of the #AU, so it's only natural that I dedicate an entire paragraph to describing exactly why you need to order the drinks from the Brolly bar.

Beergaritas are the loud, not so subtle frat brothers of the classier margaritas. I mean, beergaritas, which come in a wide variety of different flavors; everything of which you will need to try because yes, are in your face.

Literally. A beer bottle sticks out of the mug, as if daring you to drink up. And drink you must, because you will not be laughed at by some stupid beer bottle right?

Of course, if you aren't so much of a beer person, try literally anything else on their drinks menu. There is a range of mojitos for our weaker brothers and sisters, and hard alcohol for the rest of us awesome people.

Whisky infused soda and juice, whisky on the rocks, whisky straight from the bottle...I guarantee that you will be enjoying yourself immensely by the end of the night because all juice is happy juice.

This message is brought to you by the #AlcoholicsUnited: Drink responsibly.

Of course, there are a ton of other things to try at Brolly. I can't list everything down here becauseI'm lazy the post might get a bit too long. You'll really have to go visit Brolly to experience everything for yourself. Yes, this is me slacking off because when I reach the 1000 word mark for my blog posts, I feel exactly like I did when I finished eating dinner at Brolly. Bloated, guilty and angry with my lack of self control.

Trust me, you really should visit Brolly on an empty stomach. That way. you will be able to sample everything there is to sample from the 9 kitchens. Believe me, you will want to, and wash it all down with copious amounts of alcohol. 

Here are some details for you people who might require it. 

Address: Ground Floor, Menara Felda, Platinum Park,
Persiaran KLCC, Kuala Lumpur.
Opening Hours: 11am-11pm
Tel no: +603 - 2181 4122
Facebook: Brolly

When you go there, remember to give everyone of their staff a Bro-fist. Ha ha. See what I did there?


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