Papa Wong 3: Fire Burning


I've detailed in the past here and here about how my dad is an absolute beast when it comes to burning me. It's come to a point when all my friends are beginning to ask me about my dad, something which every normal human being knows isn't normal. His comebacks and one-liners know no bounds, and some of that has since rubbed off me. Since I could comprehend human language, my dad has been actively shooting barbs of fire at me. In fact, almost everything I write is now tinged with sarcasm, and in no little part to my dad's influence.

Since the beginning of this year, I began to share a couple of my dad's top burns on Facebook, and the response has varied from shock, surprise and to even skepticism. While my dad has slowed down considerably in the past few months, he is still reveling in the intense fanbase he seems to have garnered from his "fans". This is mostly because the subject of said burns is me, and we all know how I'm the perfect target. But the level of wit and skill in which my dad dispatches his burns has indeed received much praise and laughter. And believe me, all I did was polish up his sentences before posting it. Every single burn comes straight from his mouth, or from his fingers. Some literally come straight from him.

So today, I've taken the liberty and compiled another ton of burns from the past few months for your reading pleasure. 

And people ask me if I'm okay or not. The answer is no. 


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