Seah and Celine: The Wedding


A little over 2 years ago, one of my closest friends got engaged. A little over a week ago, in front of friends and family, that friend took his first step into married life.

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Way back in the days of our youth, we used to hang out at shopping malls over the weekends, just the five of us Buggers. This was in the days when terms like "girlfriend" and "relationships" were just words in a dictionary. Then one day, Bugger Seah appeared late, huffing and puffing and red faced. Behind him stood a girl; just a "friend", he claimed.

8 years later, on 7th January 2017, Bugger Seah put a ring on the finger of that "friend". Yeah, we never believed him the first time he said it.

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"How much do you love your wife?" Bugger Seah was asked as part of the morning bros hazing ritual. "Too much." he replied after a long pause. But just how much is too much? you may ask, scratching your head at the vagueness of his answer.

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He loved her enough to learn how to speak Mandarin. Bugger Seah is a pure banana through and through. But he picked up Mandarin as a second language because he wanted to communicate better with the girl of his dreams.

And even though he's still quite shabby at it; in his speech to the bride, he said that he will bless her (保佑) when he really meant to say he will protect her (保护), he's still working hard to speak less like a banana.

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He loved her enough to sing out loud. Bugger Seah took up a microphone and sang Wang Leehom's Forever Love for his wife. To put it into perspective, the only time Bugger Seah sang a song was when he was knocked down by copious amounts of alcohol flowing through his system. He sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, laughing uncontrollably every time he said twinkle.

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But the way he belted out Leehom's Forever Love that morning, wow! You could just hear the belief in his out of tune vocals that he had finally found his Forever Love.

He loved her enough to give her his forever. And I think that's the most important thing of all.

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Seah and Celine, I wish you all the happiness in the world as you embark on this journey called life. There may be ups, there may be downs, and there may be in betweens. But never forget to support and nurture each other through thick and thin, for better or poorer.

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And don't forget that through whatever it is, you will have us Buggers to stand by you.

Because really, what are bros for?

Photo: Wenny & Kevin //

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