Today is our first anniversary. It's like this insane milestone that we've managed to reach together, something I was totally confident of happening. Somehow, it seems like we've been together for such a long time already, but seeing the date on the calendar only serves to prove that we've made it this far.

Thought Catalog, which you so often like to share articles from, once said that to fully love someone, you have to trust them first. I don't know how much you trust me, but based on the number of things that happened throughout our one year together, I think that we both have a mutual trust of having each other's back. 

Also, don't read so much Thought Catalog. I mean, they have an article about how it's like to fall for someone who's too broken to catch you, and an article about how people often dream about their past love. You don't need that kind of negativity in your life. 

I don't know if you remember some of these moments in our relationship throughout the one year we've been together. Most of these moments left lasting impressions on me, as I hope they have for you.

Remember that rainy Sunday evening exactly one year ago when I tricked you into confessing to me? 

Remember our Valentine's Day dinner, how incredibly awkward it was because it was my first one in like 5 years?

Remember the time your house was broken into and we spent the night at the police station?

Remember the time we sat and talked about everything up until 5AM in the morning? 

Remember the time we discovered our mutual love for GO Noodle House, which served the best noodles in the world (not an advertisement guys), and had delicious salted caramel ice cream (your favorite) at Salt and Koffie?

Remember how disappointed we were when we found out Salt and Koffie closed down?

Remember the first meal you cooked for me, slightly soggy but totally delicious meehoon with ABC soup?

Remember when we took on South Korea in our hanboks, and totally slayed?

Remember the time when we traversed the streets of Seoul, and you got grumpy because you didn't have your daily fix of coffee?

Remember the time we went to Boryeong Mud Festival and we got absolutely muddied?

Remember the time we laughed watching Running Man till our sides hurt?

Remember the time we went to KLCC park at the height of Pokemon GO craze and spent the whole day catching Pokemon in the heat?

Remember the time we went to Light Sensation and it wasn't sensational at all?

Remember the time we crashed your place in Sg Siput with the Buggers and spent the night trying not to burn our food?

Remember the time you planned the epicest of epic birthday surprises with 2 different groups of my closest friends and then followed it up with a freaking PS4?

Remember that time I made you an interactive card for your birthday and it totally failed to interact?

Remember all the weddings we attended together as a couple; #tehaisbatu #ATx2 #SeahCeline?

Remember the time we went Christmas shopping and we bought a whole bunch of stuff for the our loved ones? Note: I have still never seen you happier than you were when you were swiping your card into flames that day.

Remember the time when we planned for the #BuggersSecretSanta party and we planned for games like Flip Cup, beer pong and Photographer?

Remember the New Year's Eve we spent with the Buggers as we ushered in a brand new year?

Remember the time we sent Bugger Seah and Ah Sou Celine down their path of marriage? Without him, we might not even have met.

I remember it all. I remember it so clearly. Well, mostly because we have Between, which is an app I think all couples should have because it helps to keep everything together (again, not an advertisement). But moments like these stick in my mind vividly because I have you by my side. Every new experience is an experience with you. Every interaction, every conversation is made better because of the person I spent it with. 

Also, every new restaurant we go to has me finishing off all the leftovers you ordered with aplomb. Which explains why I gained over 8KGs in the past year and have people asking me if I'm in need of weight counselling. 

It's an entirely new feeling to be sharing so much with someone; to have someone so close and intimate and to be able to share things like thoughts, feelings, emotional breakdowns, lame jokes. But mostly lame jokes and puns so bad they make people around us cringe. 

And I'm just glad that someone is you. 

Happy First, baby. Let's make this the first of many.

Your Boyfriend

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