The Top 10 Running Man Episodes of 2016


Running Man has endured a hard and difficult 2016. With one of the core cast from 7012 leaving, to massively low ratings and the sacking scandal that will see the show ultimately ending in February 2017, everyone can agree that this has been a brutal year for the cast, the fans and everyone involved with Running Man.

But it cannot be denied that Running Man did have its moments of magic this year, and since it's the end of the year, it's definitely a perfect time to take a look back at some of the episodes that stood out in 2016.

I did a similar list for the past 3 years, which you can check out here:

I have to make a note here that what constitutes a "great" Running Man episode (to me, at least) is how entertained I was from watching it. Running Man is, after all, a variety show and variety shows are supposed to be a source of entertainment and laughs. That's what I deem to be a good Running Man episode, and why I chose the episodes in this top 10 list.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 Running Man episodes in 2016, in no particular order. All these episodes selected are based on my very humble opinion, so should you have your own, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

#10 Episode 285 (Best of the Best 2016)

Running Man's Best of the Best is always a joy to watch, because it pits the Running Man members against each other. After 6 years of running together, they know each other's weaknesses and strengths, and the tendency to betray each other. Plus, with a trip to London on the cards, you can be sure that the members put their all in. The first half of the episode focuses on determining the strongest to weakest Running Man, and the final nametag ripping race is an exhilarating throwback to the Running Man episodes in the past.

There is nothing better than seeing the members try to outmaneuver each other.

#9 Episode 324 (Goodbye Gary)

Saying goodbye to someone you consider as close as a family has never been easy. Gary's final episode with Running Man; an epic 324 episode, 2311 days, 77,000km journey, was guaranteed to bring about laughter and tears.

With an episode focused on stealing Gary's goods to showcase how much they love him. The final scene of the Running Man members letters to one of their own really hits the spot for being the most emotional moment on Running Man. A fantastic episode with an emotional center to match.

#8 Episode 325 (Hello Gary)

If Gary leaving the show left you broken, have no fear! Running Man has a cure; by roping him into plenty of missions in the following episode, whether he wants to or not. This episode highlights one main factor; that even though he left, Gary is a born Running Man member. The way he fits in to the show is so natural that by the time the episode ends, we're left with an even larger Gary sized hole in our hearts.

#7 Episode 283 (Park Ji-sung Returns)

Park Ji-sung's appearance on Running Man is a longstanding annual tradition. Running Man members playing football alongside international football stars is also something that can be anticipated to be funny, especially when one of the commentators mentioned the birth of a new "soccer-eity" or soccer variety. If watching Kwang-soo and Co hilariously miskicking balls on the big field doesn't do anything for you, the thrilling nametag ripping competition in the second half of the episode should.

Also, SONG JOONG-KI makes a small cameo in this episode; the first time since he returned to Running Man in 4 years.

#6 Episode 284 (Running Man: Agent J)

What happens when the Running Man cast are thrown back into 1950s Shanghai? In a film set straight out of The Bund and a plot to match, the members, along with footballers Park Ji-sung and Jung Tae-sae and JI So-yun are thrown into the world of underground secret societies of Shanghai.
It hearkens back to the days when Running Man was more epic and fun, with members running around ripping nametags and solving puzzles.

#5 Episode 297 (Descendants of the Sun)

Descendants of the Sun was arguably the biggest drama from South Korea this year, sparking massive fanbases with the chemistry between its lead cast of Song Hye-kyo and Song Joong-ki and Jin Goo and Kim Ji-won. While the latter couple didn't manage to make it on the show, Sergeant Major Seo Dae Young and Yoon Myung Joo did. And they showcased the kind of chemistry that made them a household name around the world.

From dancing the irrepressible "heart dance" to recreating their scene from the drama, the two of them set hearts ablaze with their actions and their hilarity. A definite must watch.

#4 Episode 328 (Cheer Up Twice!)

TWICE is a name that is almost known universally in the KPOP sphere. Following up with their massive hit Cheer Up, they came to promote their latest song TT, which is to cry cutely in emojispeak. But no one was left crying by this group of talented girls as they charmed their way into our hearts. From using their aegyo to doing whatever it takes to win, these girls are natural born performers. Their chemistry with each other is amazing, as is their interactions with the rest of the Running Man members.

#3 Episode 295 (I'm Sorry, I Love You)

Despite being a variety show that aims to make people laugh, Running Man does have its moments of clarity. This episode showcased a more human side to the members who have been running hard week after week to make us laugh. Their trials, their turmoils, their innermost feelings for the show and each other were brought out in this episode, and gives us a rare insight into the minds of the members who have been doing so much for the past 6 years.

It's very heartening to see the members work so hard at what they do, and how much they put in for the show. The wounds, the tears they have to smile through. Which is why it hurts even more when the whole mess surfaced and led to the show's demise. Running Man didn't deserve this kind of treatment.

#2 Episode 330 (Black is the New Pink)

To be honest, I had never heard of Blackpink before they guested on Running Man. But these four girls have won me over with their hardworking spirit and variety sense. It takes a lot to have variety sense in a field of experienced people, and Blackpink just ran the show with their own unique style. Jisoo and Lisa especially stand out as the most hilarious of the bunch, leaving even Kwang-soo and Jae-suk stunned at how good they adapted.

#1 Episode 322 (The Spy Saboteur)

Spies are the best thing that happened on Running Man, mostly because of how good the members are at being spies. Put a few guests into the mix as spies and you'll have all out hilarity. Give them a further power to defect once and you'll see the mind games at play by the members and guests as they try to figure out the identity of the spies. Many episodes this year were made great by the guests on the show, and this episode wasn't any different.

With Son Yeon-jae, Kang Min-kyung, Yura, Ye Ji-won and Park Mi-sun in the mix, there was bound to be lots of hijinks happening. This episode was reliant on its guests to bring out the best of their characters, aided only by the impact of the spies hidden among the two teams.

Do you agree with the top 10 list above, or do you think I missed out something, somewhere? Maybe I missed out a favorite episode of yours which you think deserves a spot on this list? Which are YOUR top episodes from 2016? Leave a comment below!

This will most likely the the final top 10 list of annual Running Man episodes because Running Man will be ending in February 2017. Thank you everyone for supporting this annual tradition of sorts from the previous blog up to now. It's been an epic time Running with all of you for all this time. I hope that people who have never watched Running Man before in their lives can use these lists as a starting point to watch the show, and like so many of us, be converted into hardcore fans.

Thank you and have a Happy New Year 2017!


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  1. I think the recent episode 331 is hilarious too..the Christmas special, Bad Santa.. It's still year 2016 right when it aired?

  2. thank you so much!! this helped a lot<3 plz keep making these kind of posts! FIGHTING


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