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Running Man's Kang Gary has announced his departure from the show starting in November 2016. It is indeed a sad time for Running Man fans around the world who have grown to love the quirky, cool and all round adorkable rapper in his 6 years on the show. We wish him all the best in his musical career and hope that he will decide to come back to the show as a guest more frequently than not.

Gary has always been the dark horse of Running Man. From being an unknown and awkward non-celebrity musician, he was shy and awkward in the early part of the show. Throughout the entire time he has been with the Running Man cast, he has come up with one of the most memorable characters in South Korean variety television. His comedic timing, his naivety and his all-round sense of self confidence about his looks, is something which endeared him to many of the Running Man fans.

He has had more than a few moments in which he shone. Here are 5 examples of the moments that Sudden Commander Gary really stood out. 

#5 Episode 42: The Birth of the Sudden Commander

Before the first Best of Running Man was discovered, Gary was pretty much a bit-part character on the show. Sure, he had his moments, but he wasn't really a contender to win over the Commander in any stretch of the imagination. 

So when he tore off the Commander's nametag in this episode (after some pretty nifty trickery), and followed it up by being crowned the Best of the Running Man. Yes, this was probably the first time we got to see Sudden Commander Gary at his finest.

#4 Episode 94: Wedding Blues

Having a pretty girl by his side seems to make Gary somewhat more of a better player (no pun intended) when it comes to Running Man. Krystal from f(x) fits the bill perfectly, and you can almost sense the jealousy from her older sister Jessica who had been Gary's partner before on the show.

With their chemistry and Gary's knack for planning out the best possible way of winning, it wasn't a big surprise that this couple fought past the likes of Hyuna-Jong-kook and HaHa-Suzy pairings.

#3 Episode 145: The Law of Gary

Gary is undoubtedly one of the fastest members on Running Man. This is easily demonstrated in this episode where the Running Man cast were pitted against the Law of the Jungle team. Twice Gary was faced with Kim Byung-man and Jung Jin-woon, and managed to escape in a 2-on-1 situation, before finally being ousted in the end.

But it's his sheer dedication and speed which allowed for him to escape unscathed, and later, holding out until the Commander arrived to balance things out.

#2 Episode 134: One Commander Show

The episode where Gary almost singlehandedly won the nametag ripping game by himself. After his team was ousted, he had his work cut out for him to tear off other members like Ace Ji-hyo, Yoo Jae-suk, Lee Dong-wook and a revived Kim Jong-kook.

Gary did the impossible in a way that not many could; he planned and executed an almost flawless victory by first ousting Jae-suk before teaming up with Ji-hyo to rip off her best friend Dong-wook, and then ousting her in the resulting confusion.

Since he found the tag earlier, he could even afford to monkey around in front of a seething Commander and still pull off his win. Brilliant stuff.

#1 Episode 28: Tomato All Kill

Remember a time when there were the One Chance games? Since the beginning, Gary has always been known as Peaceful Gary, a nicknamed derived from his laidback attitude. But when the going gets tough, Gary gets going.

The One Chance against Kim Byung-man showed his all-kill ability, hitting all the cherry tomatoes with nunchucks. His talent floored even the Master himself, which is saying a lot when the Master climbs trees and walks without roads.

Which of these moments did you enjoy the most? Or which ones do you think I missed out on? Leave a comment in the comments section below!


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