The Quarantine Olympics 2020


With the Tokyo Olympics 2020 postponed to 2021 because of the Covid-19 virus, it's going to be a tough time for those who were eagerly looking forward to the world's best athletes pushing themselves to the limits. With most of the world now heeding the #StayAtHome plea, there's no better time than to introduce a few Quarantine Olympic sports that you can do in isolation at home.

#7 Wrestling

Wrestling is a combat sport where you'll getting outmaneuvered and choke-slammed by the sheer force of boredom.

#6 Diving (Into A New Netflix Show)

Diving is 10/10 until you realize that you cannot dive deep into the fantasy world forever and you eventually have to come up for the air of reality.

#5 Boxing

Boxing is a sport in which you wear protective gloves and throw your old unwanted things into a box until you realize how much stuff you've accumulated over the years and start to regret wasting all that money for nothing.

#4 Balancing

Balancing is a form of artistic gymnastics where you have to balance between your old life and a new reality where a single virus can bring entire countries to a standstill.

#3 Throwing

Throwing sports are physical competitions where the outcome is measured by your ability to throw a full fit whenever your food delivery person is an hour late.

#2 Shooting

Shooting sports is a recreational activity which involves using accuracy, precision and speed to shoot down "viral" and "totally real" Whatsapp messages in group chats.

#1 Cycling

Cycling is competitive sport which takes you through the full range of human emotions and thoughts as they race through your mind.

So, which Quarantine Olympic sport will you be getting the Gold Medal for?


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