5 MORE Superpowers A Mother Has


A year ago today, I wrote a post detailing the 5 superpowers a mother has. When I finished writing the post, I didn't plan on writing a sequel. I honestly thought that I had seen all the superpowers a mom could exhibit and that nothing else she could do would surprise me. But just like how my mom reminds me all the time, I was dead wrong. A year later, I'm sitting down and listing down 5 MORE superpowers that every mother has.

If you're keeping count, I've already listed down 10 superpowers a mother has, and that's 10 more superpowers than Batman.

#5 Superhuman strength

A lot of people think that women are fragile and should never be doing anything which requires them to lift heavy things. A mother takes that description, and throws it out the window. I've seen my mom do some pretty crazy things over the years, and none more than when she actually redecorated my room while I was away. When I say redecorated, I don't mean putting pretty flowers into little jugs. I mean she totally gave my room a facelift by moving the huge wardrobes and bed around, pushing boxes into corners and generally things that only Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson does. By herself.

2 minutes later...

So for mothers, the answer to the age old question: "Do you even lift?" is yes. A huge, resounding yes.

#4 Infinite energy

A mother has a tank of infinite energy stored somewhere deep inside her. It's an energy source that, if harnessed, could solve the world's energy crisis. I don't know how my mom does it, but she never seems to get tired at all. She can do all the housework, cook dinner AND still have time to chill out by watching TV or playing Candy Crush on her iPhone. I can't even get my bum off the couch long enough to get the TV remote after a long day of classes. Sure there are moments when she does get tired easily (when watching football with me especially) but her overall energy level surpasses that of the Energizer Bunny.

#3 Mind reader

A mother will always know what her children are thinking about, even if they refuse to spill the beans. This is a superpower that surpasses almost every superhero on the planet, because who needs to guess what The Joker is planning when Batman already read his mind? Sometimes, my mom freaks me out when she reads my thoughts like an open book, so I'm generally very cautious of my thoughts around her. Here are some examples:

#2 Powers of healing

There's nothing more powerful than a mother's healing touch. A mother can make you feel better when you're sick. Some realists would say the medicine did the trick, but who lovingly prepares the medicine for you? My mom has spent some pretty harrowing nights taking care of a sickly me when I was young (and even now). She would check my temperature, give me water to drink, dab my forehead with a wet cloth, wipe off my sweat and generally make me feel better. She also sings "Soft Kitty" to me, ever since I introduced her to The Big Bang Theory.

#1 Master of multitask

An actual stock photo of my mom while she's doing housework.

When it comes to multitasking, no one beats a mother. A mother can do more things per second than any other human can, and they do it out of the love of their hearts. My mom is a multitasker. The only reason our house is kept spick and span is because my mom is able to split herself up to finish almost all the tasks in the house. In fact, I suspect that she's actually cloning herself at some point, because a single pair of hands cannot do what my mom does on a daily basis.

And those are 5 MORE superpowers a mother has in her armory of superpowers. Perhaps next year, there'll be even more surprise superpowers. One thing's for certain, a mother is certainly the greatest superhero you and I will ever know in our lives. And we will forever love and cherish her for it.

Happy Mother's Day!


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