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2014 will end in a few short hours. Time really flies when you're having fun, and it's been a good long and fun ride with Running Man. Throughout the year, Running Man has provided us with some of the funniest laughing material week in, week out. Since it's the end of the year, it's definitely a perfect time to take a look back at some of the episodes that stood out in 2014.

I did a similar list last year too, which you can check out here: Top 10 Running Man Episodes of 2013.

I have to make a note here that what constitutes a "great" Running Man episode (to me, at least) is how entertained I was from watching it. Running Man is, after all, a variety show and variety shows are supposed to be a source of entertainment and laughs. That's what I deem to be a good Running Man episode, and why I chose the episodes in this top 10 list.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 Running Man episodes in 2014, in the order that they were aired. All these episodes selected are in my very humble opinion, so should you have your own, don't hesitate to leave a comment below!

Note: The final episode of the year (ep. 227) is not included in the list because the English subs hasn't come out at the time of writing. 

#10 Episode 182: The Letter From Hong Kong

One of the most unassuming episodes turned out to be one of the best. A letter from a fan in Hong Kong led to the most brilliant concept which fitted the Running Man members so well. You can even watch the actual video she sent to the Running Man PDs here. From the horse acupuncture mat relay race... the Big 3 Water World, and the final mission of shogi pieces nametag ripping, this episode had it all.

Plus a dream come true for the girl (Irene) as she gets to meet her idols up close and personal to end a great episode on a high note.

#9 Episode 191: The King of Sovereign Hill

I have to say, the Australia episodes weren't as exciting as I hoped it would be. One thing was mainly because of the crowd; the Running Man team probably didn't anticipate such a huge turnout in Australia, and most of the missions couldn't be done. But then came the Sovereign Hill episode out of absolutely nowhere and blew my mind.

It had the typical Running Man nametag ripping mission, with a twist. And of course, when there is nametag ripping, there will always be fantastic banter and betrayals. Jae-suk also gets a chance to meet some local kids, and even impresses them with his gold-finding skills.

A great episode which hearkens back to the older episodes of Running Man.

#8 Episode 196: The Timey-Wimey Stuff

This was one episode that brought fans of the show down memory lane, and it was brilliant. Utilizing the classics like Episode 91, Prison Break, Episode 79, Sherlock Holmes and Episode 74, Superpowers, this episode didn't need any guests to be amazing.

It was just an entire episode worth of flashbacks and classic moments on Running Man, to remind the fans of why we fell in love with the show in the first place.

Plus, Ji-hyo has her own girl group LOLOLs, which were enough eye candy to make almost all the guys drool.

A great throwback episode, one which deserves to be put amongst the classics.

#7 Episode 197: The Running Man Ddakji Championships

When the previews dropped, I thought to myself: "Ddakji again? Didn't they learn from their last time out in episode 144?" But when the episode aired, it contained some of the most edge of the seat ddakji battles which genuinely made me excited about ddakji.

The general consensus about the episode was also positive, mostly because the producers managed to take a game as uninteresting as ddakji and turn it into a spectator sport. A fantastic effort, considering how boring ddakji can be at times when nothing is happening. 

Plus, Ji Suk-jin won. That's something to give the episode a few more brownie points.

#6 Episode 198: Unbreakable Love

Couple episodes can vary, because with all the guests appearing on the show, not all of them will be able to contribute much in terms of humor. Most of the time, some guests will just stay quiet throughout the episode, which makes for really boring/awkward scenes. This was not one of those episodes. I mean, the opening itself was already one of the best openings in Running Man history.

The guests were all outgoing, and very very chatty. With the likes of Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha bullying the younger Kwang-soo, Ha Yeon-soo making the Commander's cheeks flush red and a little bit of Monday Couple jealousy with Girl's Day Min-ah and actor Park Seo-joon coming in between them, this episode was every bit as guest-centric as it was supposed to be. It was also good to see the members throwing themselves at each other for their other halves.

But seriously though, that Commander/Yeon-soo radish kiss was every bit as exciting as the previews suggested. Stuff of gold.

#5 Episode 204: Snow White and the Running Dwarves

If the above screengrab isn't enough to make you curious about this episode, the fact that Ji-hyo was dressed up in her Snow White outfit throughout the episode should. This was one of those episodes which focused largely on the Running Man members themselves, and how they interact with each other as a family.

The opening itself showcased some of the best Running Man cast chemistry; when Ji-hyo was supposed to fall asleep after eating the apple but she was kept up through the antics of the other members. Sure, there was an additional member, Ryu Seung-soo (infamous for almost getting away with cheating in a game) but he blended in seamlessly.

As a typical Running Man mystery + twist episode, the episode thankfully didn't dwell too much on that fact, instead prefering to focus on the relationships and betrayals between the cast. A good call by the Running Man PDs because it is the cast interaction that the fans tune in every week to watch.

#4 Episode 205: The Party Guests

They say the guests make or break an episode. With the likes of comedienne Lee Guk-joo, trot singer Hong Jin-young, Baek Ji-young, Miss A's Fei and supermodel Kang Seung-hyun along for the ride, there was almost nothing that could not make this an excellent episode.

So even with a flimsy premise, this episode didn't disappoint, but instead rocketed into this list as one of the best.

Dance parties? Check.

Delightfully hilarious banter between the guests? Check. Even Jae-suk commented: "Today was way too fun. You guys HAVE to come back again soon." Yes please.

#3 Episode 213: The Female Heirs

To be perfectly honest, I wasn't expecting this episode to be any good. The reason: the entire guest list was made up of actresses. Not to say that actresses can't be funny (see Han Hyo-joo or Park Shin-hye) but there are a lot of protocols to follow. A lot of that has to go into protecting the image of the actresses as well.

After the fantastic opening, my worries were thrown into the toilet when they headed to the mud field and just dove in, their image put aside in the name of victory. The actresses; Yoo In-young, Seo Woo, Choi Yeo-jin, Kim Min-seo, and Lee Yuri didn't let a little thing like mud put them off their game, going so far as to even throwing the men into the mud.

The actresses themselves were ditzy enough (wearing heels into a muddy field) but also held that competitive edge to balance it all out. And the final mission was an absolute mess fest, something which every Running Man fan will give two thumbs up to.

#2 Episode 215: The Autumn Wedding

Wedding episodes aren't usually my favorite kind, especially when the Monday Couple aren't the ones actually getting "married". But when you have awesome guests like Jo Jung-suk and a literal angel Shin Min-ah (remember her and her little fan?) on the show, you can be sure that the episode was bound to be among the greats. The games were fun too; the nametag ripping game where Kwang-soo absolutely fooled Gary,

the mini-games where everyone just let their dancing spirit take and who can forget the peck on the lips that Shin Min-ah gave Gary?

A good overall episode.

#1 Episode 225: The Writing on the Nametag

Kim Woo-bin is a fantastic guest. He's appeared twice on this list already, and he has picked up victories both times. The first was in Australia, and it was largely thanks to the other Running Man members who cannot be relied on to trust each other. In this episode, however, Woo-bin was every bit the schemer and betrayer; playing the games (and cheating too!) with full gusto to win, and even sacrificing his spy partner in crime and resident traitor Lee Kwang-soo for the name of victory.

Also, this happened.:

The Stare Wall has got to be one of the best things to ever exist on Running Man. That shocking visual above is proof enough of that. And the Monday Couple's "flirting" plus Ji-hyo's seductive kissy faces and that lip lick. However did Gary survive that attack?

Do you agree with the top 10 list above, or do you think I missed out something, somewhere? Maybe I missed out a favorite episode of yours which you think deserves a spot on this list? Which are YOUR top episodes from 2014? Leave a comment below!

It's only 2 more days to the new year 2015. Since this is the last Running Mondays post of the year, I just want to take this chance to thank all of you for your support and for reading. And of course, a very Happy New Year everyone! Here's to more Running Man goodness next year!

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