Totoro Flies to Sapporo with AirAsia X


I've long had an intense fascination with Japan and everything within it. I've made 2 trips there in the past, and had some of the best fun just soaking up the culture and the food and the people. Okay, not soaking up the people literally. More like their kindness and the general warmth the Japanese people always show. 

And as a herald of good news, I have some pretty exciting stuff to share for Japan lovers. Myself and Totoro were at the AirAsia launch of the new direct flight route from Kuala Lumpur to Hokkaido, both of us extremely excited for all the possibilities. 

Imagine...Sapporo has the freshest seafood, which includes the best hairy crabs in the world! Besides food, there'll also be plenty else to see, including adorable bears that (probably) won't eat me at the Noboribetsu Bear Park, frolicking in the powdery snow, freaking lavender farms. I'll literally be rolling around in the stuff my mom's perfume is made from.

I mean, even as the unveiling was done, there was a flash of bright light and I swear I could see snow falling. Don't believe me? A picture speaks a thousand words.

 Legit snowing because Sapporo is awesome. Totally not because of some wild photographer's flash. 

Even better news, to celebrate this brand new route, AirAsia is introducing a very exclusive low fare of only RM99 (all-in-fare) from now till 2 August 2015, with the inaugural flight taking off from 1 October 2015. You can fly anytime from 1 October 2015 till 31 August 2016!

 A picture of all the #AABC members who came for the launch. Yes, Totoro is an honorary member.

Don't miss out on this amazing new route. AirAsia X flies 4 times a week to Sapporo from Kuala Lumpur; on Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out to make your booking! Hurry, or Totoro here will snap up all those seats.


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