7 MORE Life Lessons Gleaned From Running Man


Running Man has become quite a big part of my life, and while watching the show week after week, I've gleaned a lot of life lessons that we can easily apply to our lives. I wrote this previous Running Mondays post on the 7 life lessons we can find from Running Man, and here's a follow up post to that. Because there really are a lot of life lessons instilled within the context of this fantastic variety show.

#7 You'll always be good at something

Never once think of yourself as the worst person on earth. You're not useless, you just haven't found what you're really good at doing. Take the Race Starter, Ji Suk-jin for example. For most of the show, he's the weakest link in terms of physical strength, but he always beats the other members in Rock Paper Scissors. So while you may think you're terrible at everything, there will be something which you will excel in.

#6 You can be anyone you want to be

Two words: Dong Wan. Over the course of Running Man, he's come up with hundreds of different disguises and costumes. He's played kings, jesters, judges, spies, grandmothers, policemen, fishermen, shop assistants, and even Nick Fury of the Avengers. Don't let people say you can't be who you want to be. Just whisper Dong Wan Meep Meep and everyone (if they're Running Man fans) will shut up immediately.

#5 Age is never a factor

If you mention age, both Suk-jin and Yoo Jae-suk are the oldest hyungs among the Running Man members. But they never really use that to their advantage, as they too try their best in the games and in the nametag tearing race. Suk-jin has ripped off the Commander's nametag once (ep 130) and Jae-suk well known for his cunning wit and his speed (in running away).

So yes, age is never a factor.

#4 Don't be too cocky

The saying goes, pride cometh before a fall. That rings true in Running Man too. For example, in episode 160, Commander Jong-kook quickly took up the first place in the elevator race early on. While he was very confident of being able to maintain his position until the end, he was ultimately defeated by HaHa (who could have guessed it?).

Never be too cocky about where you are in life, things may change drastically.

#3 Laugh at your own mistakes (from a comment sent in by Anonymous)

When it comes to variety, a person who takes things too seriously won't get far. Gary and Lee Kwang-soo being variety newbies and even Ji-hyo have all learnt that. Yoo Jae-suk is a perfect example (when he took a ball to the face in ep. 153 and laughed it off).

Almost all the jokes and hilarious moments we get from Running Man are ones that could have turned bad if taking too seriously (like in the wrestling matches or nametag ripping games). That's why laughing at your mistakes and using them for entertainment is the best way (e.g Lee Kwang-soo in ep. 144 with the cracked eggs)
#2 Never give up till the end

It's one of the most cliched lessons, but oh-so-true. Again, another example of Suk-jin. In episode 153, he was outside trying to hit his nametag with the football. He tried over 2 hours, including tape changes, before he was finally able to knock off his own nametag.

That's dedication (and very sore legs) from a man who really isn't as weak-minded as his portrayal in the show.

#1 Work hard, play harder

Every Running Man episode may be full of fun and laughter, but there's a lot of hard work put into it. The members themselves exhibit this, by putting in effort to win games, while at the same time having fun with guests. It's tiring to run around while filming for the whole day, and as we know, Running Man films 2-3 days a week now. It's hard work, but the members make the best out of it.

By dance and other shenanigans. Which, we as viewers gleefully lap up.

What life lessons have you gotten from watching Running Man? Leave a comment below!


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