11 Things Which Makes You Malaysian


What does it mean to be Malaysian? Well, while many people have different interpretations of being a Malaysian, it's ultimately the quirky little things that only Malaysians can relate to, and are nationally recognized as "Malaysian". 

Here are 11 things which would (probably) make you a true Malaysian. While there are many, many reasons out there, I only chose 11 because Malaysia gained its independence 56 years ago today, and 5+6=11. Boom! Maths!

#11 Traffic jams are the only jams you eat

Because strawberry jam is too mainstream. Also, check this comic by Jian "Miao" Goh on traffic jams: http://www.akiraceo.com/2013/08/05/6715/

#10 Everyone is somehow related to you

"Hey bro! Long time no see wei! How are you, bro?"
"Hello uncle, auntie. How are you?"
"Kak, ais krim satu."
"Eh bang, kasi lepas lah. First kali I kena stop ni."
#9 You mix 3 or more languages in one sentence, or invent a new one on the fly

"Ei macha, when you want come out yum cha lah? Damn penat I tunggu you wei."
"Eh bro, don't mempersiasuikan me can ah?"
#8 You hang out at the mamak a lot.

Maggi goreng + roti telur bawang besar washed down with a few teh o ais or limau ais at 2AM? Steady lah bro.
#7 You have more national holidays than other countries.

Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Deepavali, Agong's birthday...there are endless possibilities.

Now this slogan actually makes a lot of sense. 
#6 You love to complain. About everything.

"Traffic light spoiled, stupid people don't fix it."
"Walao, roti canai raised 50 cent? You rob me better lah."

Pictured: In the midst of robbing you. 

"Wahseh, stupid guy don't know how to drive wan, simply cut in."
"What toilet got no toilet paper wan?"
#5 Panadol solves all your problems.

Headache? Panadol.
Fever? Panadol.
Stomach ache? Go pangsai lah walao.
#4 Your usage of Malaysian slang is not forced, but natural.

"Walao what nonsense you talking lah, bro?"
#3 You are willing to go the extra mile for something that is "free"...

Literally, because the line of people usually stretches out for a mile.

 Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.
#2 ...but don't hesitate to fork out RM15 for a cup of coffee at Starbucks

Because it's more high class wei. Damn worth it.

#1 You cannot resist Milo trucks

No matter what you're doing, or how old you are, when you see a Milo truck, you drop everything and run towards it. No questions asked.

No questions asked. 

Do you relate to any of these 11 things above? If you do, you're probably a true Malaysian at heart. Through all our quirks, we're still able to relate to all these as we celebrate the uniqueness of being truly Malaysian.

Perhaps you have something Malaysian you would like to share as well. Leave a comment below! Have a happy Merdeka Day everyone!


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