Why The Most Hilarious Marriage Proposal Failed


There's this video floating around Facebook and it's one of the most hilarious videos you will ever watch for the next few weeks. I strongly urge you to stop everything you're doing right now and watch the video below. Seriously, you won't regret it. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Done? Fantastic. This is a great failed marriage proposal video because a) no one's getting married and b) it's absolutely hilarious. But what did the guy do wrong? He had everything perfectly set up, from the musicians to getting down on one knee. There are numerous marriage proposal examples on the Internet which have ended in success. Why then did he fail?

So let's get down to dissecting the video slowly to see why the poor man failed.

The musicians

When you're preparing a proposal and want to employ musicians to set the mood, make sure you hire professionals. The musicians in the video are clearly unprepared for this. Mr Ukelele has a tambourine hooked inside his arm. Note: One of them isn't even holding any instrument until it's too late into the proposal to matter.

This cleaner...

...clearly doesn't give a shit. About anything except to make sure that floor is sparkling clean.

The numerous references to pie

When proposing to your girlfriend in front of a huge crowd in the shopping mall, remember to cut down on references to food. The guy calls his lady love "sweetie pie" and "cutie pie" and I think I heard "apple pie" *citation needed* thrown into the mix too too. It's a proposal, dude, not a McDonald's. Like Professor Oak always said, there's a time and place for everything.

The train

The train was THE highlight of the entire video because it obviously didn't give a hoot about what was going on. Filled with passengers who obviously didn't know how to care about his "lovely proposal", and with its own brand of  train music to cover up the band's music, the poor guy was thrown off his game. Plus, you know any proposal will end in tears when a Cadbury train drives into your frame and spells out "Not. So. Sweet." on the side of its carriages.

The Bruno Mars lyric ripoff

The guy claims to have prepared a poem for his lady love, but his opening line is a blantant ripoff from Bruno Mars' "Just The Way You Are". His next line was clearly paraphrasing Bruno Mars' "Grenade" and the rest was pilfered from various Hallmark greeting cards.

The ukelele

The ukelele is a fantastic instrument; it's lightweight, plays upbeat tunes and can be used to smash your head in. Don't have a ukelele anywhere nearby if you're planning to propose to your lady love.

The woman filming

The woman filming the entire debacle is amazing. Her hands were steady throughout, and even when the guy goes down by ukelele, her hand shudders for only a split second before her camera continues to take in every look of humiliation, pain and regret plastered on the guy's face.

She ends the video on a high note though, a note of possible hope for the man crushed by the rejection and a ukelele; "Are you okay? I really thought it was sweet."

Here's to a happy ending to you and your lady friend filming, dude. Don't give up on love.


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