Jay Chou Opus Jay World Tour in Malaysia 魔天伦世界巡回演唱会 2013


As I sit down to type this, my mind is still stuck back in 4 August 2013, at Block U14, row L, seat 18 of Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil. That was the night I attended my first ever Jay Chou concert, and it was one of the most unforgettable moments in the history of my 23 year existence. Yes, even beating out skydiving.

I went with the craziest bunch of Jay Chou fans, who would scream and fawn over his every move. It doesn't matter who, everyone in this picture is a crazy Jay Chou fan, and someone (she shall not be named) even wept when Jay Chou made his appearance on stage. It really is that crazy.

Take a wild guess who cried. 

The lights dimmed and the arena exploded into a screaming crescendo. Three words were repeated over and over again by the fans, as they furiously waved their pink lightsticks: 周杰倫. There was a deafening roar of approval which rose even louder as the curtains dropped and Jay Chou stepped out to the basking glow of his adoring fans.

I've been a fan of Jay Chou for 9 years, an unwavering level of faithfulness to a singer. And last Sunday, he proved exactly why I've been following him even after all these years. For the past 13 years, he's been churning out hit album after hit album, and at last Sunday's Opus Jay World Tour 2013 (魔天伦世界巡回演唱会 2013), he took liberties to remind us of why he's one of Asia's top performers by performing some of his best songs across all 12 of his albums to date.

I've never been to a Jay Chou concert before, and the performance last Sunday night only further steeled my resolve to save up more money to get a better and closer seat to the stage in the future. Even a seat priced at RM310, all I could see clearly of Jay Chou was from the screen. The actual people on the stage were smaller than Lego figurines. Still, singing along to his songs live with the thousand other Jay Chou fans in Stadium Putra and watching his 2 hour performance on stage was something of a dream come true.

I don't fully remember the list of songs from that night, but he sang a lot of classics, including the sad ballads like 安靜, 晴天, 一路向北, 最後的戰役 and 黑色幽默 to the more upbeat songs like 簡單愛, 雙截棍 and 可愛女人. These are songs which most Jay Chou fans have grown up with throughout the years and listened to as they faced their difficulties and problems while growing up. To many, this concert is a very emotional time of nostalgia.

Jay Chou is at his element when he's holding instruments, and he showcased his various talents by beatboxing, strumming the guitar, and playing the piano to a variety of songs. 

He also proved his impromptu songwriting skills by rewriting the very rock 雙截棍 into a reasonably more mellow piece on the spot. I always knew that Jay Chou was good at music, but seeing all of that live was simply another kind of experience altogether. 

This was one of the best performances of the night, with a delicious medley of classics for almost all the fans to sing along to. 

The night ended with 烏克麗麗 and 陽光宅男, with a collection of beachballs thrown into the crowd for a truly explosive finale. Jay himself appeared on stage with a casual Hawaiian-inspired look to cap off a truly delightful performance for the fans. 

A perfect finish. 

The next time Jay's in town for another full blown concert, you can be sure that I'll be right there at the core of it, front and center to enjoy more of the amazing performances that he undoubtedly will bring. 


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