13 Reasons Why You Should Watch Running Man


It's been almost 9 months into this Running Mondays column, and to many, this post may seem to come pretty late. If you've been a constant reader of all the Running Mondays posts up to this point, you should know that this column is primarily written for those with a tad bit more experience with the hit variety show, and most of the articles will sail over the average newcomer's heads.

So, because of this, I've concluded that I would like to begin from the basics and to try winning over fans for Running Man. As a huge fan, it brings me no greater pleasure than to see more and more people tuning in to the show and getting addicted to it like I did a year and a half ago. A fantastic show like Running Man should be able to attract everyone, and here are 15 reasons why you should be watching Running Man (if you aren't already)

#13 It's funny

Make no mistake. The foremost reason Running Man is one of the top variety shows in the world is because the show is hilarious. Almost every single element in the show will get you in fits of giggles and plain out bellows of laughter. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself.

#12 Nametag ripping

Running Man is the first variety show to implement the nametag ripping game, and subsequent nametag ripping as a way of elimination. While it may seem quite simple at first watch, you'll soon discover that nametag ripping has its own thrills, and your hand may even itch to try ripping off someone's nametag as well. #truestory

#11 World renowned guests

Jackie Chan, Big Bang, BoA, Patrice Evra, Park Ji-sung, SNSD (Girls Generation) and many more world stars count among the celebrities who have competed with the Running Man members throughout the course of its run. With so many big names appearing, Running Man also doubles as a star watching variety show.

#10 Sequels

There are a lot of things which keep people coming back to the show, and sequels are one of them. Running Man employs the use of sequels throughout the show to keep the viewers wanting more. Notable sequels are the Yoomes Bond episodes (ep. 38, 91, 140), the Running Man Hunter trilogy (ep. 52 + 53, 69, 118) and the upcoming Avengers sequel following episode 150.

#9 Interesting games

Running Man has a lot of games, some of which are absolutely hilarious. Creatively thought out and carefully organized to fit the Running Man criteria of balancing funny/victory, these games form the crux of every episode. While the games are primarily played to decide a winner, the Running Man members keep it as funny as they possibly can. Winning is not everything, but the spirit of variety must prevail in the end.

#8 Different locales 

Running Man boasts an impressive display of different locations, from museums to discovery centers and even the City Hall, crisscrossing famous landmarks all around South Korea. It's also a widely traveled variety show, having also done overseas special episodes in Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Shanghai and Vietnam to the joy of their legions of fans. It's like a travelogue, with a lot of laughs.

#7 The members

The Running Man members; Yoo Jae-suk, Ji Suk-jin, HaHa, Kim Jong-kook, Gary, Lee Kwang-soo and Song Ji-hyo are near irreplaceable at this point. They are equally well loved throughout the world, and a loss of a single member (even though it is dismissed as mere rumors) may result in a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth. If there's any reason for you to watch the show, it's for the members and their antics. Each member has a uniquely developed character that loyal followers have come to love through the entirety of the episodes. It's not too late to start now.

#6 Stress destroyer

Laughter defeats stress. Running Man causes laughter. You watch Running Man. Therefore, you defeat stress. Simple and straightforward.

#5 Different concepts

Running Man is one of the shows which employ a variety of concepts throughout. Boasting episodes which include gems like the Tru-Gary Show, a Prison Break-like Yoomes Bond special, the Superpower and Reincarnation episodes, to the more recent Avengers episode, there is literally nothing stopping the Running Man showrunners from coming up with more and more ideas for new episodes week after week.

#4 The relationships

Aside from the members' personal characters on the show, they also developed relationships which have endeared them to fans. The Monday Couple is a perfect example of this, but the other like the SpartAce, Easy Brother, Betrayal Club etc have also etched their place in Running Man history. Not only that, the Running Man members have been seen to be extremely close to one another off camera as well, proving that their 3 year relationship has blossomed from awkward strangers to something akin to family.

#3 Lee Kwang-soo

While he was a shy and mild mannered person when he first debuted on Running Man, the Giraffe has since taken on many roles; from the betrayer to the Icon of Misfortune. It works out fine for all of us viewers because Kwang-soo's variety spirit is getting stronger by the episodes, and that can only mean a lot of laughs.

#2 The dedicated staff

Running Man has got to have the most dedicated staff in variety shows, what with the amount of work that they go through week in, week out to bring the best episodes to your television (or laptops). From the PDs to the cameramen, the sound guys to the writers and possibly the most dedicated team of editors, they never fail to keep viewers entertained. It's a lot of hard work to produce a show with the same quality and standard week after week but that's the awesomeness of the Running Man staff.

#1 Shattered celebrity images

When watching the show, nothing is as it seems. Even the most serious of actors will suddenly show off their true variety spirit, and that means the most hilarious and natural side of celebrities will come forth. Song Ji-hyo and Han Hyo-joo, both top notch actresses in their own right, threw away that image and turned into a hilarious shadow of their actress selves. You'll never see them the same way again.

I hope that this is enough reason for you to go watch Running Man (if you haven't already begun) or that it has strengthened your love for the show as a whole. Leave a comment below for a future Running Mondays post you would like to read.


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