I Become A Mad Brewing Scientist w. NBrew


Sometimes in my mundane of often uneventful life, I tend to get smothered by the relative lack of things to do. In fact, this uncomfortable smothering has led to me doing things I don't usually do. Last, last week was one such example, when I was pushed into a role of a mad scientist by the good people at Nuffnang Tastebuddies and NBrew, the liquid nitrogen gelato specialists. You know things just got real when both start with the letter N (N² is nitrogen gas, I Googled that), so BOOM! Scienced!

Now, I have to admit something here. I've never aspired to be a scientist because of my aversion to Science subjects when I was in school. I never passed a single Chemistry paper, to the chagrin of my teachers and it was only by a stroke of good fortune that I didn't fail during my SPM exams. My only knowledge of Chemistry is that things blow up in a mushroom shaped cloud if you mix them wrongly, and that is also the reason I have a long standing ban on my school's labs.

So to ask me to don a lab coat, step behind the counter and play masak-masak with SCIENCE(!) was a real risk for the owners of NBrew. Still, they bore it with a smile and gracefully and patiently taught me all the steps needed to make the perfect liquid nitrogen gelato. And man, did I make the perfect liquid nitrogen gelato.

No smile on my end, because I'm a man of SCIENCE!

Before I go on any further, I have to explain a little bit about liquid nitrogen.

My knowledge of liquid nitrogen comes from Crash Bandicoot, the best selling PlayStation game about a hyper orange bandicoot whose companions include a floating mask. In the game, any contact with boxes marked Nitro will immediately disintegrate you into a million tiny pieces. So when I heard that NBrew used liquid nitrogen to make their gelato, I was immediately wary, with thoughts of 'That stuff will blow me up!', 'They're after me!', 'Minion scum of Cortex!' passing frequently through my mind.


And that is what I deserve for not listening in Chemistry class and believing a game about a bandicoot who can turn into a tornado.

I have to say that while liquid nitrogen gelato doesn't sound as appetizing as it is cool (cos' of SCIENCE!), the taste is remarkably nice. This is probably because the cream used is not the kind with tons of preservatives put into it, but probably has the shelf life of fresh milk. So you don't have to worry about it being preserved for a long time, if that's what worries you.

Contrary to popular belief, these aren't the remains of failed mice experiments. 

Because my phone battery died about 30 minutes into the session, I had to grab photos from the other nice bloggers who were also at the event. Don't worry, I'm not the kind of person who leeches pictures and doesn't credit you.

Me:"So this is a cup, right? Beaker? Test tube?" 
Peter: *tries his best not to strangle me*

 Anne's like the super confident one in this experiment while I'm just trying my best not to look stupid. 

 They're all eagerly awaiting a single mistake on my part, so that they can see the explosions. Everyone loves an explosion.

Smoke and mirrors. The magic of SCIENCE!

My creation, a thing of beauty is a joy forever. So beautifully rounded, so deliciously soft. This is the product of my making, and I am pro-

5 seconds later, this is what happened to my beloved creation. 

Or if you'd prefer, here's a video of how to make liquid nitrogen gelato.

Millions of thanks to Nuffnang Tastebuddies and NBrew for allowing us to experience how it's like to play with SCIENCE! If anything, this proves that food and science does go well together.

Also a huge thanks to all these kind souls who took the effort to snap pictures for me to steal. Your kindness will be rewarded excellently.


More information on NBrew below:

Address: F 074A Mid Valley City, Lingkaran Syed Putra
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


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