7 of My Most Terrifying Encounters


I've encountered some pretty terrifying things in my lifetime. As a result, I'm pretty much scared to do almost anything alone, or even at all. Horror movies are the bane of my existence, and the only time I've finished sitting through an entire horror movie was when I fainted in shock. True story.

Because it's the 7th month of the Lunar Calendar, I thought I'd list out some of the scariest situations I've had to face in the 23 years of my existence. Note: Not all of these situations have to do with paranormal encounters, lest you avoid me for being a magnet for "dirty" things.

#7 Going up?

This happened a few years back. I was waiting alone for the lift in my condo at about midnight, after a night of yum cha. As I entered, I had that uneasy feeling, like I wasn't alone. It was quite unsettling. I quickly pressed the button to my floor. To my surprise, and absolute horror, the lift stopped at the G floor (I stay on the 2nd floor) and this old man was waiting outside the lift. He looked at me with his red eyes and a half-smile and gestured, "going down?", to which I shook my head and mashed on the close button. Turns out that he was actually a relative of my neighbors downstairs and that he was drunk, hence the red eyes. Still, one of my unforgettable "horror" moments.

#6 The missed test

This happened to me in Melbourne. I woke up one afternoon after a long night of rushing my assignments. In my groggy and half awake state, I remembered that there was something important I had to do, but I couldn't for the life of me recall what it was. As I was taking a shower, it dawned on me that I had missed my class test, offering a whopping 10%. While I later explained to my lecturer and resolved the problem (and she understood completely), that moment of realization was absolutely devastating.

#5 Accidents happen

At 2:30AM after a night of yum cha with my friends, I was driving home alone. I'm usually quite careful when it comes to driving at night but with a lot of teh o ais, one tends to get a little too hyper. In fact, I was so hyper that I didn't see another car turning just as I was about to go straight. I stepped on the brakes too late and crashed right into the side of his door. Up until now, I still remember that feeling of horror that crept through my entire body. The guy was fine (thankfully) but both our cars were pretty badly damaged. Which leads me to...

#4 Revealing the truth

Sometimes in life, a white lie is the most beneficial way to solve a problem for everyone. Calling my parents at 2:30AM and telling them that I had just been in an accident was not something even a white lie could save. As I dialed in the number, with the shock of just crashing into another car still fresh, I was even more afraid of what my parents would say. Would they yell at me, scream and banish me from ever leaving the house? Would they take away my driving privileges and personally drive me all over the place? As the dialtone hummed, these wild but justifiable thoughts kept me shivering in the cooling night air.

#3 Waiting for the letter

Let's go back to a time when I worried a lot about my results: primary school. I was in a Chinese primary school which put results above almost everything else. I never really liked studying as a kid (who did) but I constantly managed to score above average marks. That is, until I discovered the magic of PlayStation One. My grades dropped like flies after a Pumba fart, and I was quickly dropped to the last class in my form. Here, I managed to do what no other student in the history of that school did: I got a big fat zero for my Mathematics final exam. My teacher sighed, and told me that she would send a letter to my parents. Nothing is more terrifying for a kid than to have a letter sent to their parents It's double whammy, because I got caned in school (for bad grades) AND then at home (for the "recommendation" letter). I checked the mailbox daily, waiting to tear that letter into a million pieces. The wait itself was hell, every morning I woke up with a heavy feeling of impending doom in my heart. Sadly, my mom got the letter before I did, and I got a terrible, and very painful lesson.

#2 Running Man's Gary is leaving?

Last September, news broke that Running Man's Gary was going to leave the show. I had just gotten into the groove of Running Man and the prospect of seeing any one of the members leaving the show was just too much of a shock for me. I sat down and started writing this post while listening to LeeSsang's songs for the entire night, forgoing sleep for almost 2 subsequent nights. Forging sleep will of course lead to...

#1 Inception

When a person forgoes sleep, two things happen. One: the fatigue levels will be sky high and two: daylight dreaming. Daylight dreaming is where you're out and about, doing everyday things and then boom, your brain falls asleep but your body continues to move according to your dream state. This has happened to me once, in Melbourne of all places, and it was honestly the most terrifying ordeal in my entire life. I don't remember much of what I did during my time of daylight dreaming, but that trapped feeling is vivid. I was basically seeing reality in my head, but interpreting it as a dream. One of the things I do remember is sitting on the park bench outside my house, then moving to the swings and not knowing where I was or what was going on. Lost, confused and trapped equals one terrified sleep deprived me.

What are some of your scariest moments? Share some in the comments.

I also made this video, inspired by the Reddit thread: 2 Sentence Horror Stories. Remember to watch and maybe give it a like if you liked it.


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