5 Kinds of Stares During a Conversation


I hope I'm not alone in saying this, but I have one big problem when I'm talking to someone. This problem may or may not affect the conversation, depending on how much you like to look the other person in the eyes, but it sure as heck bothers me. A word of warning; my eyes will wander all over your face when I'm talking to you, and that sounds disgusting once I typed it out. 

But I've been recently told by a close friend that my voracious eyes often makes him feel uncomfortable when he talks to me, before he went on to list some of the stares that I (apparently) give people when I'm talking to them. Here are a few examples: 

#5 The Vacant Stare

Often, I would have this expression on my face where I just stare and smile at you, but I don't seem to be IN the conversation at all. It's called "The Vacant Stare" and apparently, I'm pretty used to doing this, especially when people are talking about things that I don't know anything about, or I'm with people I don't really care enough to talk to. What I like to think is that I pretend to understand what's going on, but my mind is inwardly racing for possible things to say in case I'm pulled into the conversation. It also says that I suck at multitasking my face.

#4 The Wide-Eyed Wonder

This stare is in no way sarcastic. Sometimes, I'm just very, very engrossed in a particular topic (it's usually girls) and I immediately just become a kid again, listening to your every word with wide-eyed wonder. I will grasp at anything that comes out of your mouth, because I am just legit interested in everything you say (again, it mostly relates to girls).

#3 The Downcast

Yeah, we're all doing this nowadays, with them smartphones and social networking thingamajiggies around to draw out eyes downwards. Don't even try to deny it.

#2 The Yeah-Yeah-Yeah

Now this is my trademark look, according to my friend. I'm a pretty snarky fellow, so when I hear any form of bullshit, my face automatically turns up the snark. I do a lot of eye rolling, a lot of nodding (yeah, yeah, yeah) and my smile is one of pity. If you ever talk to me and see me rolling my eyes at you, stop talking and slowly walk away from me. Or continue talking just to see how many times I would roll my eyes at you.

#1 The Soul Snatcher

Yes, I can stare into your soul and leech off all your secrets and/or lifestream. Be warned, and be very afraid.


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