Ninetology U9 Plane Livery is SO WOW!


What do you get when you cross a smartphone and a plane? That was the question that was bugging me as I drove the entire way to Sepang last week. For the record, the answer is the Ninetology U9 Plane Livery event, but I'll get to that soon. I was invited to Sepang Aircraft Engineering to attend the official launch/announcement of the partnership between Ninetology and AirAsia, as well as the "So WOW for all" campaign. 

Yeah, it was a lot of things rolled into one. Here's me with a plane.

It was my first time ever to Sepang's Aircraft Engineering, the place where they do all their engineering (haha for a lack of a better word) on planes. There were the usual signages put up all over the place, such as the one shown below:

The fact that I took this picture with my phone proves that I am a rulebreaker.

The main reason I was there for the Ninetology Plane Livery event was because Ninetology was unveiling its plans for world domination expansion to the ASEAN region. Here's Ninetology's CEO, Sean Ng giving you the gist of the entire speech he made.

Aside from that, Ninetology was also on hand to unveil its partnership with AirAsia (which explains the plane with the huge Ninetology logo spread out over it) in its expansion plans. To achieve this feat, Ninetology rolled out its "So WOW for all" campaign, which aims to further expand its reach through social media and digital platforms, something that every company should implement if they are to achieve world domination optimal reach.

To mark the beginning of the "So WOW for all" campaign, Ninetology is rolling out its latest model, the colorful U9J1, which is a terror for colorblind people like me, with 4 different colors to choose from - rave red, classic black, fuschia pink and neon green. The U9J1 is a full fledged Android smartphone, and, wait for it, only costs about a fraction of other smartphones in the market at only RM199. That's cheaper than a PS3 game because life can be pretty unfair sometimes.
I'd take those models any day. *winkwink*

There are a lot of people in this picture, so I'll list em' out for you. From L-R: Mr. Anaz Ahmad Tajuddin, AirAsia Group Head of Engineering; Mr. Marco Beh, Ninetology Group Chief Operating Officer; Mr. Mantosh Malhotra, Qualcomm Senior Director, Business Development Malaysia, Philippines and Singapore; Mr. Jay Srage, Qualcomm President of Middle-East, Africa & South East Asia; Mr. Sean Ng, Ninetology Group Chief Executive; Mr. Goh Thih Liang, Qualcomm Director Of Business Development Officer; Schrene Goh, AirAsia Head of Ancillary Marketing; Ms Shian, Ninetology Group Chief Finance Officer. Flanked by 2 gorgeous AirAsia flight attendants. 

There are even MORE people in this picture, so I'll list em' all out for you too. From L-R: Batman...I'm kidding. I don't know half of these awesome cosplayers and the characters they are playing. 

Spot the not. Pic credits to Caroline.

I also got served, literally, by the Japanese maids, when they attacked me during lunch time. It was both strangely embarrassing and slightly exciting. 

For more information on Ninetology ( or the "So WOW for all" campaign ( or even the U9J1 model (, just click into any of the links.


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