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Christmas is coming. I don't know about you, but like the song, Christmas is definitely my favorite time of the year. There's something about Christmas that really resounds with me; mostly because of the presents, the Secret Santas, and the food.

Yeap, the food. Christmas dinner holds a special place in my stomach because of the amount of food prepared and consumed. To you girls, Christmas dinners can only be compared to the Year-End Sales that happens every December. You just can't stop yourself. I take "tis the season to be jolly" quite literally because there is nothing that makes me more jolly that stuffing my face with food.

So when I got the invitation to review the new Christmas menu at Le Pont Boulangerie, a bakery and cafe at Old Klang Road, I had to tell myself to calm down.

Even the inside looks like the hipster cafe I always dreamed of owning.

One must remember to act cool and not go bonkers when invited for Christmas dinners, because if you don't you might just get banned from going to one again ever. IT WAS JUST THAT ONE TIME AUNT EUGENIA!

Because it's Christmas time and I want to work to become a good food blogger, I've decided to change my writing style a bit to fit the mood. I've taken the necessary steps to take everything as seriously as I can, as evidenced by the picture after the next sentence. So don't be surprised if this post makes you lust for food.

Or lust after me...

With the delightful theme "Novel Noel", Le Pont aims to introduce a ravishing selection of timeless Christmas flavours infused with a touch of contemporary flair. The menu is available from 23rd November 2015 to 4th January 2016.

Those are big words, but you only need to know a few: "ravishing Christmas flair". Incidentally, that's exactly what Santa told Mrs Claus.

Also something else Santa said.

And BOOM, hello naughty list.

What better off to start ravishing the senses than with the Vichyssoise?

Technically, being Malaysian, we love seeing a dish with an exotic sounding name. The Vichyssoise is actually traditional French thick soup with leeks, potatoes and garlic. Because I'm not French, the only way I can describe the Vichyssoise is "this soup is délicieuse ".

I am so going to win all the food blogger of the year awards.

Le Pont understands that Christmas time is a time of eating, but there are people who would prefer not to eat so much and instead just opt for a salad (Hi Mom!) There are 2 different kinds of salad you can choose from; the Salad Nicoise and the Frisée and Beef Bacon Salad.

I've been scouring all the food blogs trying to figure out how people describe salads in a way which make it both appetizing and appealing. Today, I will try to do just that. The Salad Nicoise, a classic French salad with green beans, tuna pieces, chopped eggs and shallot is definitely nicoise.

The Frisée  and Beef Bacon Salad, a combination of beef bacon slices with egg confit, mushrooms and honey mustard is something I frisee myself eating in the near future.

Honestly, I don't know why I've never been nominated for a food blogger award yet.

But soups and salads can only get you that far before the stomach starts screaming for more. Which is why Le Pont offers some delectable main courses that would make good company with your salad, the Seafood Red Rhapsody and Le Pont's Special Lamb Shank.

In order to maintain my nomination for best food blogger award, I will try to describe it to you in terms that would make your mouth water. The Seafood Red Rhapsody is a hearty bouillabaisse seafood stew brimming with razor clams, seabass and prawns that's perfect for sharing. The seafood, paired with the delicious stew and garlic toast gives one a feeling of contentment and the greatness of the seven seas.

Le Pont's Special Lamb Shank is a very special lamb shank.

Again, hold the awards.

I've written over a thousand words up to this point, and honestly, I'm not even completely sure people are reading. So to keep things fresh, I'll just be posting up this very random Christmas fact: Santa Claus used to wear green like his elves, until the magic of advertising turned him red. Thanks Coca Cola!

After a hearty Christmas dinner, what else can you do but to sit down and prepare your other stomach for a Christmas dessert session? To make sure you're well and truly awake for the tsunami of desserts, Le Pont offers one of 2 kinds of coffees in the Novel Noel Christmas menu.

You can select either the Orange Cinnamon Bliss or the Cinnamon Affogato, though you do have the choice of selecting both. I would try to describe the coffee to you, but coffee is coffee and you'll probably drink it even if I told you it tasted like a rich symphony of orange, cinnamon and blended coffee. Do try the affogato because no one says no to cinnamon ice cream. NO ONE.

The joy of Christmas continues with the desserts. At this point in time, I will not lie to you. It's already 4am where I am and words are beginning to fail me. I'm just going to give you a short snippet of what a couple of my friends comments were on the day of the review. Note, these are easily digestible descriptions, must like these desserts after 2 hours of consuming them.

Christmas Tree Waffle - Specialty jade waffles with a light dusting of snow frosting and served with homemade raspberry sorbet, almond crumble, diced strawberry and fresh whipped cream.

Sue Ann's Review: So nyummy yummy in my tummy wummy!

Snowy Wonderland - Dark chocolate ganache ball with a surprise centre of homemade honey ice cream, strawberry and blueberry. Paired with a sprinkle of snow meringue and velvety chocolate sauce. 

Bulat's Review: It's bursting WOW it burst! Look at the chocolate flow! Look at it! Are you sure we can eat something so pretty? I don't want to eat it. It's too pretty. How ah? HOW?

Molten Snowman - The timeless combination of chocolate and vanilla enjoyment and topped with a luscious scoop of vanilla ice cream perched on molten chocolate cake with feuilletine topping. 

Picture from Caroline's blog because I was busy and didn't get to snap this picture.


Trust me. If you don't have anywhere to go this Christmas (you poor thing you), you should consider Le Pont because of the warmth it can provide to you. Le Pont means bridge in French, and you can be sure it'll be a bridge for the delicious food straight to your stomach. 

Loneliness means nothing with food.

Check out more details on Le Pont below: 

Le Pont - Boulangerie et Café

Super ons picture taken from Caroline's blog.

Address: Lot 6, Jalan 1/137C, Batu 5, Jalan Kelang Lama, 58000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone No: 03 - 7785 8828
Opening Hours: Monday-Thursday & Sunday (8am-12am) // Friday & Saturday (8am-2am)
Facebook: Le Pont Boulangerie | Instagram: @lepontboulangerie
Website: www.lepontboulangerie.com


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