INCLUSIVITY: A Charity Fashion Show With Heart


There is nothing that we take for granted more than what we already have. I wake up every morning to a loving breakfast prepared by my mom, run to work because I'm often late and get timely reminders to drink more water and eat more lunch. We hardly ever stop to think that some of these things are what that a lot of people in the world don't have the privileged of enjoying. 

As such, attending INCLUSIVITY was a real wake up call to never take anything I have around me now for granted.
But what exactly is INCLUSIVITY?
A group of 6 volunteers, all graduates from a leadership programme from AsiaWorks Malaysia, took the initiative to bring to light the plight of the underprivileged and often overlooked communities. These communities include the underprivileged children, the HIV positive folks, transgenders, old folks and disabled persons.

The 6 volunteers who made it all happen.
L-R: Vicky, Yen Shin, Ronald, Joshua, Yuen Teng and Mei Sing.

The idea was simple: to hold a fashion show where the stars strutting the runway are residents of charity homes, giving them the opportunity to proudly bask in the limelight of being a model. 

And bask in the limelight they did. Each of the participants going down the runway that afternoon in Bangsar Village II had no formal runway training. However, Carol Lee, Mrs. Universe 2013, working in her role as the event ambassador, provided all the participants some catwalk training prior to the fashion show.

It really is something to see each and every one of them go down the runway with their heads held high. Despite their hardships, and the way society has put them all in the back seat, it takes huge courage to stand out in front of the crowd and go down the runway.


Li Wei

Siew Lan
It's also incredibly moving because you never really think about things like waking up in the morning and not being able to walk on your own two feet. INCLUSIVITY has really taken it up a notch by showing us able-bodied people never to take anything for granted, no matter how small or trivial it may be.

Auntie Elsie Tang and Bilal

Uncle Lee and Azura
One of my absolute favorite moments was seeing the 88 year old Auntie Lee dance down the runway; her infectious joy permeating throughout the mall and just putting a smile on everyone's face. There isn't really anything else to express the moment, but the pure happiness shown on her face was simply enough.

Auntie Lee and Mrs Universe Malaysia 2013, Carol Lee.
The INCLUSIVITY Charity Fashion Show took about 5 months from initial idea, planning and preparation and I dare say that the committee has done admirably well to make it a rousing success. For more information on the event, or for more pictures, go to their Facebook page:


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