Systema Rangers UNITE!


The past few weekends have been an insane roller coaster of fun. From food trips and weddings to Amazing Race-like events to watching KPOP hotties live in concert, it's just been a whole lot of extremely tiring fun. The one day road trip to Ipoh for Sue's wedding (I haven't blogged about that yet) was especially fantastic because you know what Ipoh is synonymous for. MAKAN! 

Of course, eating a lot of different kinds of food means that there will be a crazy amount of bacteria also having a whole other party within the crevices of your teeth and gums, festering and waiting for more food/their friends to enter into the warm, humid holiday of your mouth. Unless you stop eating (which is impossible in Ipoh, believe me), there will be more and more bacteria just continuing their rave party in your mouth.

The simplest way to stop it is to brush your teeth. That's like the most basic thing that everyone does. That's why I was at last Saturday's Systema event. For those of you who don't know, Systema is Japan's number 1 toothbrush, which kinda makes it the Lee Chong Wei of toothbrushes. Okay, that was a terrible example because Lee Chong Wei clearly isn't Japanese, but you catch my drift. 

You see that welcoming sign up there? They're not kidding about it being a "Bloggers' Brushing Day". After a delicious buffet brunch of the best kinds of food, we found out that it was all actually a trick to get our teeth as dirty as possible so that we could go, and I'm not even kidding here, brush our teeth. Like actual brushing of our own teeth and not a fake set of teeth like what dentists in your high school used to do. 

You can actually see the fear in my eyes. My momma always told me never to brush my teeth with strange toothbrushes. 

But generally the highlight of the Systema event was to test between the Curvy toothbrush and the Slim toothbrush. The Curvy one was terrible, coming at me hard, and it really hurt as soon as it entered my mouth. It took no notice of my pain as it continued to run its hardened bristles across my sensitive molars. The Slim one was much better; its strokes were softer, gentler and it really knew how to properly caress me and make me feel absolutely comfortable. 

What? Yes, I'm still talking about toothbrushes. Get your mind out of the gutter, please. 

I've been using Systema toothbrushes ever since my mom heard their radio advertisement and went out to buy one for everyone in the family. Their catchphrase, the simple but effective "SYSTEMA!" is something I believe everyone has heard before at least once, and have tried to replicate multiple times. Don't lie, you're probably repeating that catchphrase in your head now. "SYSTEMA!" 

But in all seriousness, their toothbrushes are really nice to use. Soft, comfortable and so far, no one has fainted whenever I talk to them so I assume my mouth doesn't smell like a sewer. Why, even these Shokubutsu girls want to use Systema.  

"Teehee!" - Shokubutsu girls

In the event, I learned that there are also quite a range of different kinds of Systema toothbrushes, something which I never really knew despite using a Systema toothbrush for over a year. Here's a brief, brief introduction to each of the Systema Rangers (something I came up with while sipping on too much tea and rewatching old Power Rangers episodes). 

Did the 'comic' above pique your interest and make you want to own one of the Systema Rangers? Of course it did! No worries, here's how you can win your own Systema toothbrush! Systema is a proud sponsor of the Keep Smiling Facebook page: Check out the page's Keep Smiling contest to win yourself a Systema Ranger!


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