After 4 long years of hard work and sleepless nights, I've finally finished my studies, and somehow managed to graduate too. This is fantastic news for me, because I've not really been a model student throughout these 4 years, and have spent more time staring blankly at a screen than at my lecturers as they try to impart knowledge.

But I've graduated, and that's really all that matters at the moment. For so long, people have been asking, doubting, questioning me about my study life. Questions like: "You're still studying?" or "When are you graduating?" permeate into every conversation I have with every adult I have ever spoken to, and even some of my same aged working friends have begun to wonder if I would ever step into the working world. Even I began to question myself, and whether or not I could graduate at the end of my university life. 

The answer came on a sunny Sunday afternoon, right after I won myself a Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Yes, I was somehow eligible to graduate despite my constant slacking and procrastination. It was the answer I had been waiting for since I started my university life 4 years ago, the answer that I had begun to doubt would come true. Yes, I am going to graduate.

The days now as an unemployed person can be akin to constantly refreshing one's Facebook feed; every day will have something different, but very little of it really matters to you. I'm not proud to admit that I've done little in these 2 months since I finished my exams and graduated, unless you consider lazing around and completing RPG games on my PS3 as an "achievement" of some sort. Well, maybe I have some level of achievement. PS3 trophies are achievements, right?

Pictured: My crowning glory.
I haven't really been actively looking for work either, to the chagrin of my parents. My dad has gotten into the habit of telling me to "go find work" whenever I show him how I defeat Sephiroth in Kingdom Hearts. My mom is more passive-aggressive; she doesn't pester me to find work, but would always tell me that our car is out of petrol, thus preventing me from going out anywhere unless I find a job to pay for petrol. 

Every morning, I always tell myself that I would start my job search today, but end up playing games until the next morning and tell myself the same thing. It's like pressing the F5 button every day, refreshing the same ol' page and getting the same ol' results. The popular phrase is "Eat, sleep, rave, repeat." Aside from raving (which I really have got to try one day), this phrase is a perfect slogan for my life now. 

But, is this what I'm really going to do with my life?

I hope not. So here's a promise to myself, with all of you people reading this as witnesses. This will be the final time I press the refresh button, and hanker up and finally get my life together. Here's to the final refresh of my student life, and the first step into the treacherous world that is adulthood.


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