6 Major Life Changes After Entering the Workforce


I haven't been updating readers on this blog about my going-ons in life, and even if I do, most of it is highly exaggerated for the sake of bringing a cheap laugh or two. But I'll be a bit more serious today (or I'll try to at least), and give you an update on what's going on with me right now.

I've finally gotten my lazy bum off the couch and started working at a proper job where they don't encourage boxer shorts and T-shirts. I have to put on a shirt and slacks every single morning because adults. What do I do? Well, my job basically requires me to write...a lot. So it's not much of a difference than before I started working. Although, I have noticed a few distinct changes in my life during the one month I've been working.

Here are the 6 major life changes I have experienced after starting this job.

#6 My sleeping pattern is finally regulated.

For the past 3 months of bumming around, I've had the worst sleeping pattern ever. I would wake up at 4 in the afternoon and head to sleep at around 7 in the morning. Or vice versa. My biological clock was so messed up that I couldn't behave like a normal human being with normal sleeping hours. But thanks to work, I'm finally forced to keep proper human hours. It was tough in the first week but I've successfully fought through the haze of tiredness. As a result….

#5 I've become highly dependent on caffeine.

Notice I wrote caffeine and not coffee. Coffee alone doesn't do it for me anymore. I'm just 3 sleeps short of mixing my Red Bull into my coffee and effectively sending my heart into overdrive. I can’t do that though, because…

#4 Half my life is dedicated to traffic jams

I'm not sure how many of you have jobs near your home but you lucky devils. My house is approximately 30km away from my office, and the early morning and late evening drives home tend to lead me into massive traffic crawls. Here’s something you need to know about KL traffic jams: they’re everywhere. You may have your smart GPS or Waze to help you navigate away from the jam, but it’s a case of from the frying pan and into the fire. Seriously. I took an alternate route suggested to me by Waze, and ended up getting caught in a massive 45 minute parking lot because some lorry decided to die in the middle of the road. So yes, I spend about 2 hours in traffic every day; time which I use to ogle at pretty office ladies in the cars beside me, or hand out judgmental staredowns to drivers who drive like complete assholes.

#3 Food tastes the same

When you have only 2 places to eat lunch at 5 days a week, all food eventually tastes exactly the same. Trust me on this.

#2 I've…matured.

Well, in the technical term of the word. I’m still the same ol’ childish Lego-loving, Pokemon-playing kid. But when you’re faced with deadlines, articles that need to be rushed for printing and creative copies that don’t write themselves, you learn to be matured, put down that Lego figurine and start getting results, dammit. But it’s getting harder to do because…

#1 I'm suffering from a severe lack of inspiration

My job has a lot to do with writing. In the past week alone, I’ve been writing for days on end; coming up with copies for ads, press releases, articles and other random stuff I’ve been assigned to do. There is a limit of writing that a person can do, and eventually it will eat into the reservoir of inspiration that I have kept stored in a box in my brain for rainy days and sleepy nights. If you read the entire last paragraph, nothing would have made sense. THAT’S how severe this is. Coming up with blog posts isn’t as easy as it was before, because I don’t have as much free time to write all the posts I want. I'm hoping that’ll change soon. 

So here's to my first month at work, and to many more months ahead!



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