5 Real Missed Connections I've Encountered


I've been told by many people that I'm a player. They base this on the fact that my eyes constantly rove over to the pretty girls who walk within my radar. I do this because I am one who appreciates all things beautiful. Life is a journey of discovering the finer things in life. 

I'm not a player, of course. But sometimes, when I check out some of the pretty girls, I do feel that I have some missed connections with some of them. So I decided to advertise all these missed connections on my blog so that I'll maybe, just maybe get a second chance to meet these ladies. 

Fate is a funny thing, after all. 

So if any of you think that any of these ladies sound incredibly familiar, maybe just leave their contact numbers down in the comments section? Thank you very much in advance. Or maybe you're one of these ladies and you feel the connection, fate is on our side. Don't fight fate.


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