Dazzling Da Nang 2014: The Skinny


I usually always write a skinny post (to reflect on my physique) when I go on trips. This is no different. If you are an avid stalker of my social media sites in the past 2 weeks, you may have stumbled upon a lot of nicely taken photos which are not crudely Photoshopped pictures of me with characters from a beloved children's show.

I was in Da Nang, Vietnam during the Merdeka weekend, and man, was it freaking awesome. It's all thanks to AirAsia and the Da Nang Tourism Board for hosting us at various different locations in Dazzling Da Nang, and made sure that we were not in want for anything.

Since this is just a really skinny post, I'll let pictures do the talking for now and flesh it out in the upcoming few blog posts. Also, you may notice that almost NONE of the below pictures are taken by me. These pictures completely belong to fellow #hapsters Eric and Caroline, whose photography skills produced pictures which rival those hanging from hipster cafes around the world.


There's plenty of things to do in Da Nang. It's like a city surrounded by the forests, hills and sea, so you get the best of all worlds. Of course, whenever there's a beach, you'll get people like us rushing over to take jump shots.

Nothing goes better with beaches than bikini babes, and I was pretty much lucky to get 3 (all from Borneo, yo!) to take a picture with me. It was exciting stuff, and while I tried to play it cool, my face probably betrayed me.

And an occasional overhand + creepy pervy smile. I was channeling my inner pervert, so don't judge. 

We were also brought to visit plenty of scenic spots around the city. They don't call it Dazzling Da Nang for nothing. 

 BaNa Hills, which was originally named Banana Hills because reasons. The locals got too lazy to pronounce the extra "Na" and this is what's left. True story

The Dragon Bridge over the Han River shoots freaking flames every Saturday night at 9pm. LIKE REAL ACTUAL "ISTHATAREALDRAGON?!" fire!

Words can't even describe how beautiful the city of Da Nang is. It's just...

During our stay, we were hosted by a lot of different hotels who kept us all well fed and fattened. Seriously, this picture below is an example of the Furama Hotel's outdoor dinner concept and holy cruds it was awesome. 

But the highlight is undoubtedly the historical city of Hoi An, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Hoi An is one of those places in which you are instantly transported back into the past. The architecture, the people, the sounds, everything is just frozen in an eternal cocoon of unmoving time. I will write more on Hoi An in another post, but here are some pictures to enjoy while you wait. 

This trip was also the first in which I became a crazy, emo person of intense emotions. I didn't even know I could pull it off, to be honest. But I did, thanks to Eric's crazy insane photography skills. He made me look GOOD DAMMIT!

Looking good in pictures has never happened to me before in the history of ever. 

Oh, and I rode horses. A lot of horses. More details on this will follow in the coming posts. #HorsingAround

Even the Knight Horse chess piece wasn't spared. #horsingaround

Did you know that we were the first ones on the inaugural flight from Kuala Lumpur direct to Da Nang? You didn't? Well you do now! Yes, thanks to AirAsia, the bunch of us bloggers were fortunate enough to be the first ones to ever take a direct flight into Da Nang. AirAsia is the only airline to operate 4x weekly direct flight connecting Kuala Lumpur to Da Nang.

And because of this, AirAsia is celebrating by offering promotional, all-in fares from as low as RM97 one way. Insane. You can book now atwww.airasia.com or their mobile site mobile.airasia.com (because chances are you're reading this from your phone)

The beauty of the sea, jungles and hills make Da Nang a dazzling, dazzling place indeed. A definite must visit, especially with the low, low fares from AirAsia. Look out for more Dazzling Da Nang blog posts coming up in the following few days.


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