Go To LEGOLAND Malaysia Star Wars Miniland You Must


I was also invited to attend the grand unveiling of this Lego miniland, close to 3 weeks ago. Life and work came in between me writing this blog post, so technically, by the time you read this, it won't be "brand new" anymore. 

Still, better late than never, right? 

So Star Wars Miniland at LEGOLAND Malaysia. Is it worth a visit? I would say, yes. But only if you're a huge fan of Star Wars and can name 17 types of flora found on the planet Endor. I kid, but seriously, the Star Wars miniland is not a place for your average non-Star Wars fan to go. It's chock full of nods to fans of the series, and do not underestimate the power of the Force within these self confessed geeks. 

The parade (literally) began with these young padawans marching in to the tune of the Imperial March. Someone from the Council probably forgot that these were freaking kids and gave them real lightsabers to play with.

Let's just say that there was a higher death count than third Star Wars movie. It wasn't pretty.

Once you stepped into the octagonally shaped building that houses the Star Wars Miniland Display, you'll be faced with a life-sized Lego-model of Darth Vader. That, or the people at LEGOLAND got the real Darth Vader to just to stand guard.

Also, the eternal pairing of C-3PO and the most vulgar of all the robots, R2-D2 are right on hand to greet you in all their Lego glory.

Don't stop too long at the line to admire the craftmanship of the models above though. You'll have to follow the instructions of this Stormtrooper as he ushers you into the actual area.

Here is a snippet of what you can expect inside. It's by no means everything you can see in there, as there are over 5 rooms with different scenes from the entire Star Wars saga (minus the upcoming ones).

 The Battle of Kashyyyk, from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

 The Battle of Hoth, from Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

The Battle of Christophsis, from the animated series Star Wars: Clone Wars. 

 The Cantina at Mos Eisley. For best effect, play this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eGy1BRO1WCs

That is by no means the only exhibits there. In fact, there are so many more exhibits that I didn't manage to take a picture of, because I was too busy admiring the intricate details put into making the entire thing. These are built by Lego Masterbuilders, led presumably by Emmet. 

Once I walked out from the Star Wars Miniland, I met the darkest Sith Lord in the history of Sith Lords; Darth Vader himself. I needed him to say the iconic phrase; so after much cajoling, I was left with this. 

I had never been to Legoland before, so I made sure to do a little bit of exploring with this Shneepand Senri around the general vicinity of the place. We found an artist just standing around who was willing to paint something for us, absolutely FREE of charge.

And then we realized that she didn't really know what the heck she was doing.

So overall, it was a fantastic trip to Legoland, ended with a picture of the iconic LEGOLAND Malaysia sign taken with a monopod in the rain. #yolo

I will probably make another trip back, as soon as I find someone who doesn't think Lego is for kids. Otherwise, I'll just Force-choke them until they relent. Hey, Vader! Who's not your son now?


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