Get Chilly at Genting's Ice Age Adventure


It's been almost a month since I was invited up by the good people at Resorts World Genting to catch the Ice Age Adventure. A month of not writing anything about the Ice Age Adventure because of excuses. But here it is, finally. 

And I'll let the pictures do the talking for the most part because like Scrat, I'm constantly on the move now looking for my acorn. And by acorn, I mean money so that I can feed myself. Adulthood sucks. 

 Precisely what I told myself when I hit adulthood. 

So what is the Ice Age Adventure all about? Well, you may well know that the Genting Theme Park will be remodeled into the fantastic sounding 20th Century Fox World in 2016. So Ice Age Adventure is sort of like a prequel to it. Your kids will get to see lovable characters from the hit animated movie Ice Age, like Scrat, Sid and Diego and even get to have a photo session and play games with them.

Note I said kids, because this is primarily a kids event. Oh the kids will be all over those lovable man sized, probable flesh eating animals but the adults know. Oh, they know. But because I'm not an adult, per se, I enjoyed most of my time at the Ice Age Adventure. In fact, I even infiltrated the kids during a game and NO ONE, I mean NO ONE noticed.

I must really start getting older.

Here's the video if you're interested.

There are other things to do at Ice Age Adventure, like these incredibly detailed 3D art walls which you can snap as many photos as possible. Be careful you don't get left to drift on some ice though. Some people are cruel like that.

Pictured: The face of an ice queen who doesn't care about her subjects. 

Ice Age Adventure does get tiring after a while, especially when your parents ask you to pose in a million different ways just to get the right angle and perfect picture. And, I'm sorry, but did I mention that the Ice Age shorts which you can watch in the special theatre are just one straw short of a Final Destination movie? I mean, kids LIKE this sort of violence?

I really must be getting old.

So to take my mind off the violence, I decided to do one of the kiddiest things I could think of; coloring my very own mask. Sure, there was a sign which read "Just for Kids" and sure the chairs were a bit too small and the table too short. But it's coloring! No one says no to coloring. Well, maybe except the security guards who were eyeballing me, ready to tear into me the moment I did something stupid.

The parents were just pretty much standing around judging me. 

So what are my thoughts on Ice Age Adventure? Well, being a budak, I enjoyed it immensely. It has a lot of things that would keep the average 5 year old interested, especially with the lack of a proper theme park in Genting Highlands. In fact, I enjoyed it doubly more because I got to eat handmade sushi, which was awesome. Look at me, LOOK AT MY FACE. That is the face of an unadulterated joy of having sushi to eat.

If you're feeling bored of all the words and want some flashy pictures (Ed Note: It's called a video smartass), just watch the one by Resorts World Genting.

For more information on the Ice Age Adventure, check out this link:

Stay cool, people. Yes, that was a pun. Deal with it.


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