A Single Man's Valentine's Day Pitch


I usually refrain from writing too much about my love life because of how incredibly robust it is. Ha. I kid. I wouldn't be sitting here at 12am on Valentine's Day writing about Valentine's Day if I had a date. That is the sad reality of life for me, because I have been dateless for the past few years, and I see that this trend will continue on for the next few years.

Unless I take proactive steps to get myself out of this hole of singledom I have unwittingly dug myself into. Which is why this year's Valentine's Day post will be focusing on how I can sell myself to any of the lovely female readers who always come read the messy scrawls I leave on the walls of the Internet.

And the pitch begins.

If you haven't decided yet to immediately contact me, maybe this brand new video I did will convince you. Be dazzled by some of the most workable pick up lines I have ever used, and then try to convince yourself that you're not falling for me.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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