Two Lonely Guys Made This on Valentine's Day, and It Was Pure Genius


I've always wanted to try using one of those clickbait titles just to see who would click into this post and read it. So hi you!

Yesterday was Valentine's Day, and since single people don't really get to go on dates, I went out to the mamak with fellow single, the Bugger Marcus. It was one of those bromance mamak sessions, which meant that half the time was spent on the phone. It wasn't until we scrolled to this picture that the night began to take a much more...dynamic and fun twist. 

Being single and bored, we saw that Bugger Jun was out on a date with his beloved, and we got a little jealous and misty eyed. So we decided to take things into our own hands, by making this collage of our own. 

Yes, we basically replicated the class of a highly regarded fine dining experience with everything we could find at a mamak. Limau ais replaced the fancy rose wine, plates of Maggi goreng took over from the...whatever that plate of food is. 

We even replicated it down to the look and feel of the entire experience. Well, almost replicated. Me and the Bugger Marcus were at a mamak after all.

So yeah, that's how we spent our Valentine's Day. It was pretty darn sad.


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