Papa Wong: The Burning Man


Since I could comprehend human language, my dad has been actively shooting barbs of fire at me. If you read this blog long enough, you might have realized that yes, I can have a pretty warped sense of humor, and I'm not afraid to admit that it was mainly influenced from my dad.

I recently begin compiling and posting some of my dad's top burns over the 15 days of Chinese New Year on my Facebook, and the response has varied from shock, surprise and to even scepticism. Most people admire the Burning Man, as I've taken to dub him, for the level of wit and skill in which he dispatches his burns, but there are those who maintain that I'm making it all up.

To the latter bunch of people, well, you don't really know my dad much. Believe me, all I did was polish his sentences. Every single burn by my dad came straight out of the horse's mouth.

As shown.

My dad is a man who doesn't easily open up to anyone. It's not that he's unfriendly or cold, but rather, not many people understand what's going on in that mind of his. Due to work and other adult stuff happening on both our ends, we haven't had much time to spend together for the past year. But in the past Chinese New Year week, I've had the opportunity to spend almost every day with my dad, and to revisit that unique humor that had brought me, and this time around, a lot of my friends online, a lot of laughter.

I'm really thankful for that opportunity. No, not to be burned to a crisp, which I undeniably was, but to be able to sit down and just talk to my dad about everything. That's usually where the burns come from; just random conversations with the man who had given his family everything he had. We would be talking about relationships, which is a primary source of my burns, to childhood revisitations, and about my mom, who would mostly be clueless about the little inside jokes that my dad loved to drop just to mess around with her.

Today is also his birthday, I don't have anything to add on to that. I'll just showcase a few of the best burns he did over the past week or so.

So happy birthday dad, and please never stop burning.


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