5 Observations from the MILO Malaysia Breakfast Run 2015


Last year, I went to the MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014 as a blogger and I didn't get to do much there aside from hijacking a MILO truckand creepily take pictures of the runners. Many people asked me why I didn't join in the actual run last year, and I even jokingly told the MILO Malaysia people that I would love to run in the following edition of the MILO Breakfast Day.

Little did I know that my offhanded quip would come back to haunt me. I received a call a few weeks ago asking me to keep the promise I made last year, and I just couldn't say no. So this year, thanks to MILO Malaysia, I got the chance to join in the fun as a runner.

Let me make something very clear. I've never been into marathons or runs, and neither am I particularly good at running. I may love to watch Running Man, but running a course isn't something I'd put very high up on my to-do list. So naturally, I dragged the Bugger ECF along with me for this run. Because what's torture when you don't have someone else doing it with you?

But through the course of this year's MILO Breakfast Run, I made a few observations.

#5 It's surprisingly easy

Okay. Before you go down to the comments and say things like "It's just a 7KM run." or "That's child's play.", kindly remember that the most running I've done in the past few years or so is mostly away from reality. So a 7KM run is something that could have potentially destroyed me. But as I was running along the scenic Putrajaya route, I realized that I was actually covering the distance quite quickly. In fact, when I hit the 5KM mark, I was mostly still in a good condition and not dying and crawling along as I expected. The tip I was given was to breathe regularly and focus on what's ahead. That's quite easy when...

#4 There is no time to check people out

 Me and the Bugger ECF were fully expecting to turn on our perv-goggles to ogle at some of the fine ladies at the run. And we did, for the first 500m or so. Making snide remarks at people, giving constructive criticism to everyone around us.

But when we reached the 1KM mark, it got increasingly difficult to check people out. It was all I could manage to get my legs moving and my breathing regulated so that I didn't reach the finish line in an ambulance. For those of you who decide to go to a run to check out the hot dudes and dudettes, good luck.

#3 The feeling of finishing the race is amazing

As soon as you cross the finish line, that overwhelming sense of accomplishment hits you like the relief that sets in when you see the Finish line ahead of you. It's something I can't really describe properly because, again, some of you may think that 7KM is nothing. I know this for a fact because Chingy, who is also the all round exercise fanatic, gave me a disapproving look as I stumbled into the tent, panting. "Tsk," she clucked, "You're so slow."

Still I finished the race by myself. That's an achievement on its own.

#2 A cup of ice cold MILO never tasted better

Trust me when I say this. You think you make the best MILO, or know when is the best time to drink MILO. I'm here to tell you that you're wrong. The best MILO can be found in only one place; an ice cold cup of MILO from a MILO truck right after finishing a arduous run. That's the best kind of MILO, and I dare anyone to challenge me on this.

#1 Placings don't matter

I ranked 1700+. I don't even care. Still walked away with my finisher's medal.

As I was typing this out, my dad peeked over and whispered, "A finisher's medal is equivalent to giving a baby an iPad to shut him up." Thanks dad. There goes my sense of accomplishment.

So whatever you do, please remember to join in next year's MILO Malaysia Breakfast Run. I'll be there again, hopefully more prepared than I was this year. I'll probably still be taking creepy pictures of the runners anyhow.


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