Papa Wong 2: Burn Hotter


I've detailed in the past about how my dad is an absolute beast when it comes to burning me. His comebacks and one-liners know no bounds, and some of that has since rubbed off me. Since I could comprehend human language, my dad has been actively shooting barbs of fire at me. In fact, almost everything I write is now tinged with sarcasm, and in no little part to my dad's influence.

Since the beginning of this year, I began to share a couple of my dad's top burns on Facebook (and even in this blog post!), and the response has varied from shock, surprise and to even skepticism. He has gotten plenty of fans for his burns, mostly because the subject of said burns is me. But the level of wit and skill in which my dad dispatches his burns has indeed received much praise and laughter. And believe me, all I did was polish up his sentences for public consumption. Every single burn comes straight from his mouth.

My dad is a man who doesn't easily open up to anyone. It's not that he's unfriendly or cold, but rather, not many people understand what's going on in that mind of his. My childhood was filled with my dad's unique humor that had brought me, and this time around, a lot of my friends online, a lot of laughter. Imagine growing up with these kinds of jokes!

One of the happiest moments in my life is just being able to sit down and talk to my dad about everything. That's usually where the burns come from; just random conversations with the man who had given his family everything he had. His point of view about life, love and family has groomed me and my brother into the fine young men we are today, and I daresay that despite the burns, it's this upbringing that kept us grounded since we were able to comprehend things.

Since today is Father's Day, I thought it apt to compile some of the best burns from my Facebook page over the past few months, as a tribute to the man who made me who I am today. 

Happy Father's Day dad! Stay awesome!


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