Bringing The Apocalypse w. Ubermen


After being in a relationship, I learned a few basic things about planning for a date. The standard date for every couple should include dinner, shopping and a movie. That was exactly what I got when I went on a "date" with Ubermen as part of a collaboration effort between Ubermen and X-Men Apocalypse. I've always been the one to initiate and plan for dates, so I was pleasantly surprised when the tables were turned in my favor.

Every date starts off with dinner. It's a popular saying that the way into a person's heart is through the stomach. So when Ubermen brought the group of us to Franco for dinner, I knew in my heart that I was in love.

This is what love looks like.
True love, of course, includes a preview IMAX 3D pass to watch one of the most anticipated movies around, X-Men Apocalypse. As a grooming brand, it was like the people at Ubermen knew exactly who their target audience was; rabid fanboys like me who love superhero movies as much as keeping a stylishly good look. 

Zap Zap, Storm.
After dinner was the kicker. We were brought to Watsons, who were also partnering Ubermen in bringing out the best of Apocalypse, for a bit of a shopping session. As a guy, I don't usually go shopping the same way a girl does. I usually have what I want in my mind before I actually, physically drag my butt off my chair to get it from the store.

But when Ubermen is feeling generous, the inner hidden shopping desires are slowly ignited. Much like Apocalypse's awakening after a thousand years. #TieInTotallyMadeSense

So here's the part where I start plugging the product. Luckily for you, I'm an actual user of the Ubermen hairstyling products even before this event, so believe me when I say I know exactly what I'm talking about.

True story.
So basically, Ubermen has a range of 5 different hairstyling products. There's the Spike Wax, Messy Fudge, 3D Matt Clay, Wave Gum and the Air Jelly. I'm an avid user of the 3D Matt Clay, or the gray one, for those of you who prefer to be color coordinated. If you're ever following my social media profiles, all the hairstyles you see are held together by the loving embrace of the 3D Matt Clay.

Even En Sabah Nur wants to get in on that.
But for the rest of you who don't have awesome hair like mine, you can also go for the other choices for different looks. Want to look like Wolverine? The Spike Wax may just be the thing for you. Want to have long flowy hair like Jean Grey? Why not go for the Air Jelly? Want to sparkle like Charles Xavier? You know what? Never mind.

In the end, Ubermen gave us all a treat and bought us all some hairstyling products. Now I can no longer tell my girlfriend that my "get out of bed" look is literally me getting right out of bed.

Further, there's an attractive promotion for you if you purchase your Ubermen hairstyling products at Watsons Malaysia. You'll be entitled to a FREE EXCLUSIVE Ubermen earphone with every purchase of RM15 and above, or an amazing X-Men Apocalypse cap with every purchase of RM80 and above.

About right.
After the amazing retail therapy session (girls I know how that feels now!), Ubermen decided that the next best thing to do on our date was to go for a hair makeover session. Outside of TGV 1 Utama is a booth called the Mutant Makeover Machine. This machine is only for those who are able to take in the pressure of being turned into the best looking mutant ever. If you're afraid of people looking at you, or ladies falling over themselves for you, you should not enter this machine at all costs.

Otherwise, be like me and just do it.

The final activity of the night was, of course, the movie. Ubermen decided that with our awesome new hairstyle and makeover, we couldn't just be resigned to a normal cinema hall. So they brought the storm and gave us passes to watch X-Men Apocalypse in its full IMAX 3D glory. We were the among the first people in the world who got to watch the movie, which was one of the many firsts that Ubermen promised (insert innocent smile here)

I would have cried, but my 3D glasses just absorbed the tears and turned it into glitter.

Thanks once again to Ubermen for their amazing date. I don't think I've ever been pampered as much as I was on this date. Seriously looking forward to more in the future.


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