Papa Wong Burns: The Burning Man Part IV


If you've been following this blog for long enough, you've probably noticed that a year ago, I've started compiling lists of epic burns by my dad: here, here and here. Yes, my dad. In all these compilations, there is nary a doubt that my dad is an absolute champion at burning me. Maybe he derives pleasure from inflicting emotional trauma on me? I wouldn't know. I'm too busy telling my psychiatrist about it.

But as with everything you find on the Internet, there will be the doubters and those who maintain that I'm making it all up. Unless I can somehow find a way to hack into his phone to send myself Whatsapp messages, then yeah, why not? Believe me when I say that every single burn by my dad came straight out of the horse's mouth.

So in celebration (?) of the first anniversary post of the Burning Man, which is also coincidentally my dad's birthday, here is a huge list of burns compiled for your pleasure and my pain.

Also, this is part 4. Seriously. My dad has made more burn compilations than there are Matrix movies. Really let that fact sink in.

Happy birthday dad! You may be one year older but you still look as young. Please continue with your epic burns. Dr Kadowaski thanks you with all his heart.


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