3 Thoughts on Running Man Gary's Marriage Announcement


I’m sure by now most of you would have already heard/read about the news that former Running Man member Kang Gary has officially come out to the public about his marriage. This news shook not only the fans, but also people close to Gary himself, many of whom did not know that he had gotten married. 

In Gary’s own word in the Instagram posting, he wrote; “Today I got married to the person I love. We did not hold a wedding ceremony but rather decided to cherish this moment with just the two of us together. My wife is a non-celebrity and she is someone who captured my heart in an instant. I know this might seem like sudden news and some might have been shocked at it but I hope everyone can look towards the future and cheer us on. Please wish us happiness and joy. I will live happy for eternity.”

I took about a day to process this entire thing; including going through fan postings, comments and views on Gary’s marriage and I decided to list down a few thoughts about it.

#3 Gary’s Life

Much scrutiny has been put on Gary’s life as soon as the news came out. Most of it included exclamations of surprise, shock and the like. But many fans also came out in support for his marriage because most of us are fully functioning adults and we know enough to accept that a 39-year-old man is getting married. Gary has always been a free spirited soul; on and off the screen. It seems only right that his marriage should follow the footsteps of his life; breezy, casual, calm. After all, it’s his life and I believe that Gary himself knows what he’s doing.

#2 Gary's Wife

In all this, many questions have been asked about Gary's mysterious wife. "Who is she?" "How did she meet Gary?" are often thrown around. But no one asks the one question; in the thousands of words that have been written since this announcement came out, no one has stopped to ask how Gary's wife has felt about this entire issue. How is she taking in this media storm surrounding her? How is she accepting that her marriage will now be scrutinized by the world? How is she feeling?

I would think that Gary's wife is really feeling it. If she's reading the comments, there are thousands and thousands of different views on how her marriage to Gary is. Yes, there are the people who congratulate them on their marriage but there are also those people who oppose the marriage, people who get angry even and throw around mean words. It may be too much for her to take, so I should think that the fans should really learn to treat her less of an object and more like a human being, regardless of her status. 

#1 Monday Couple

As an adult, I always found Running Man to be a source of entertainment and joy. There were certain beliefs I held about the show; like how the interactions were unscripted and organic. Then there is the Monday Couple. For the uninitiated, the Monday Couple was a long running love line between Song Ji-hyo and Gary. While I believe that the love line produced some sparks, I was always adamant to maintain that it was done because of the great chemistry and friendship between Ji-hyo and Gary, and not because they were really in love. 

After reading through all the comments from Monday Couple shippers all over the world, I found myself shocked at how seriously these fans took the whole Monday Couple relationship. There were people who felt “betrayed” and “insulted” that Gary didn’t officially break up with Ji-hyo and instead found someone else to marry. And insanely, many held on to the firm belief that the secret woman that Gary married was Ji-hyo. There’s crazy and then there’s crazy.

The Monday Couple was a great concept on Running Man, but that’s all it was. A concept done to make viewers laugh and sigh. Now that Gary’s married, I sincerely feel that people should stop bringing up the Monday Couple and instead let him and his wife find their own happiness without such a heavy tag hanging in between them.

I just want to wish Gary the best for his future with his wife and his family. I'm pretty sure that he and his wife would want to remain out of the spotlight at this moment and only slowly reveal their relationship as soon as the storm has died down, But we as fans have to see things from his perspective and respect his decision as a grown man. This will make it much easier for Gary and his loved ones to be able to live in normalcy. 

Credit to RM Doodles

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