Instagram for REAL Dummies


After a year's hiatus, my very popular (?) series, "for REAL Dummies" has its third book out. The last two books sold so well, publishers were begging me not to write another one, because they were losing money from printing all the books needed to satisfy the massive demand. You know a book is a best seller when the demand takes the supply by the balls and makes it beg for mercy. 

So after the success of the second book, Twitter for REAL Dummies, I've decided to take on another wildly popular app, Instagram. The amount of people using Instagram is high, but almost everyone is using it wrongly, which prompted me to write this book. You're welcome.

Without further ado, Instagram for REAL Dummies.

You can also check out Facebook for REAL Dummies or Twitter for REAL Dummies, in case you haven't not learned anything yet.


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