Being Married


"So, what's it like being married?" 

This is probably the only question people have been asking me every time I meet them. I shrug, put on a smile and say "Not bad. It's ok lah."

Because being married means having plenty of moments to experience and cherish. 

It's those moments when we're comparing prices during our weekly groceries run.
It's those moments when she's just barely tolerating my lame jokes, and me dying from laughing at my own joke. (I dropped my phone, but it's ok because it's in airplane mode)
It's those moments when she gives me a hefty zinger burn ("DING DING DING. What's that? That's the lift because you are so not on my level.")
It's those moments when we're fighting for the TV; her to watch her Korean dramas and her Hyun Bin, and me wanting to kill some Heartless. 
It's those moments when I get into bed every night and hug something other than my chou chou. 
It's those moments when I feel an icy chill in the middle of the night because she's wrapped up in ALL the blankets. 
It's those moments when I wake up with her next to me, snorting and thoroughly enjoying her beauty sleep.

So what's it like being married? 

Not bad, it's ok lah.

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