5 Reasons I Dislike Studying in Malaysia


So week 1 of university has passed by with a flurry. I can't really say I'm back at my study best because I spent most of this week zoned out in lectures, tutorials and while stuck in massive traffic jams. Plus, I've never really ever been at my study best, so there's that too.

I think I may have gotten used to the Aussie way of studying. For the whole of last semester, as you can see in most of my Aussie Tales, I was really living the life of a student in a foreign land. And when I resumed my course back here in Malaysia, I began to miss my Aussie study life terribly. Here are some of the things which I really, really hated in the first week of being back in a Malaysian campus.

#5 Traffic jams

This picture can be used to describe the road conditions in Malaysia both early in the morning and late at night.

When it comes to traffic, Malaysia is absolutely the best at stuffing as many cars on the road and getting everyone bottled up on a highway, where the fumes, temperature and suppressed anger runs sky high. This is especially true in the mornings and the evenings, when it seems as though everyone with a car decides to drive at the same freaking time. I spend an average of half a week stuck in a traffic jam (I wanted to insert a joke here but I realized that getting stuck in traffic for 4 hours every day is kinda already a joke). In Melbourne, my campus s a 10 minute walk away, and that time includes me admiring flowers.

#4 Timetable

My timetable requires me to attend classes at 8AM, with most of my classes ending at 6PM. If you're a Malaysian student who drives (ie: almost everyone), you'll know what I mean when I utter these two words: Peak. Hour. (refer to Traffic Jams and HOLY SH*T JAM AGAIN!?!)

#3 Weather

Pictured: A bad weather day.

Most people ask me what I miss the most about Australia and the first thing I tell them is, the weather. I miss the weather.Well, maybe except for that one day when the temperature hit 39 degrees. Every day had different temperatures; the cooling day with a gentle breeze ruffling at my hair, the harsh biting cold which I really enjoyed for some weird reason, and even the hot days when a pair of shorts and an immense amount of sunblock were needed.
In Malaysia, all you have is hot, rain, and hot with rain. A cooling breeze? Ha ha, let's get you checked into a hospital, friend.

#2 Classes

Required dress code: a freaking winter jacket.

If you think I'm going to be talking about how boring classes are here in Malaysia as compared to Australia, I'm going to have to correct you. Classes are boring no matter what continent I'm on. No, I'm talking about the huge gaping difference between a class (or lecture hall)'s temperature and the usual Malaysian weather (see above). I don't know about the rest of my uni mates, but as a warm-blooded (read: normal) human being, I'm constantly freezing in my lecture hall and burning up as soon as I leave. If I were a magnet, I would have exploded from all the expansions and contractions.

#1 Assignments

"WHEEEE ASSIGNMENTS!" said no one ever.

I hate assignments. It doesn't matter what part of the world I'm in. There's a reason they call it DEADlines.

This probably goes into the lists of being a rant post, except I make sense. Well, another 11 weeks to go before the end of the semester. I can do this.


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