A Birthday Present for My Dad: Father-Son (父與子)


Every year, I dedicate a blog post to my dad for his birthday, all of which I assume he reads. Everything went fine until last year when he promptly freaked out after knowing that I revealed his real age to the peoples of the Internet. But that brought nothing but well-wishes and plenty of Happy Birthday greetings for my dad. 

But revealing his age to the world has set my dad into a self conscious spiral that everyone faces once they hit the big five-oh. He's now checking himself out in the mirror even more than usual, using a ton of anti-aging products and spending a lot of time repeating himself because he doesn't want to forget something. For most parts, his sudden preoccupation with his age is humorous and may even pass off as cute but sometimes, it becomes a tad bit annoying. Still, as his loving family, we tend to live with his little quirks.

I have a feeling that the last paragraph is likely to land me in a whole lot of trouble with my dad. So I'm going to go ahead and surprise him with this little birthday present I made for him. This is something which I have never done for my dad, ever. I'm about to play a song from the soundtrack of Jay Chou's Secret (不能說的祕密), aptly titled 父與子(Father-Son). Composed by Jay Chou & Terdsak Janpan, this is one of the songs which I feel really brings out the the often hidden and unspoken feelings between father and son. Yes, I know it's not Father's Day and I should very much be playing Happy Birthday but this is special okay?

Happy birthday dad!


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