5 Things I Miss About South Korea


At the beginning of last year, I got the chance to go to Seoul, South Korea with a few of my best friends. Only now do I realize that in the rush to begin my second year of university (I came back a day before the first day of classes), I have neglected to write about the experiences I had in Seoul.

So in an attempt to write that wrong (geddit?), and because I severely miss Seoul to the point of wanting to hop on a flight there right now, here are the 6 things I miss about the land of Running Man.

#5 The Buggers

Okay, let's just make something clear here. I didn't leave any of the Buggers in Seoul. I really enjoyed the time in Seoul with these guys, running around in the cold, trying to speak a smattering of Korean, trying out new kinds of foods, and basically just acting all touristy. While I enjoyed Seoul very much, it probably would have been different without these guys. You'll see in the pictures below.

We were fighting with ridiculously oversized utensils. This is normal.

There's nothing which spells excitement more than 2 grown children running around in the vast, cold outdoors. 

Namsan Tower, Seoul, where there are these locks for lovers to lock their partner's hearts to a gate. And of course, the level of bromance in this picture is just too high.

Somehow, I like this picture because it looks like an idol with his manager (guess who is who. Hint: I'm the idol.)

#4 The Food

The one thing about Korean food is that it's very, very nice. And also, it's not something everyone would enjoy. We've written extensively about all the kinds of food we had in Seoul in our other blog, Forever Hungry, so you might want to check it out here: http://foreverhungry5.blogspot.com/search/label/Korea%20Trip%202012

These roadside stalls are almost everywhere, selling the best of toppoki, twigims and other unhealthily delicious foods to stave away the cold. 

The first meal we had in Seoul, the 감자탕 (Gamjatang) at almost 2AM after our long flight. It was literally the best thing I'd eaten in my life (because I was hungry and cold and it was delicious)

Jun: "How's the taste?"
Marcus: *too busy chewing to answer*

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how you eat a hotdog. 

#3 The Weather

We got our flight tickets to Seoul at an extremely affordable price; for good reason. We were travelling at a time when Seoul was smack dab in the middle of winter, where a -12° day was "not that bad". It was so cold that we couldn't even feel the pain in our feet after hours of walking (and we walked a lot). Still, it was one of those unforgettable experiences that I truly miss now that I'm back in Malaysia and the only weather forecast is "hot" or "rainy".

First night in Seoul, ECF back there is trying very hard not to die from the cold. 

Yes, we had ice cream. But hey, it was warmer than the weather. 

I have no idea what those frozen things are supposed to be, so I'll just assume that there are the spirits of the river. 

#2 The Sights

In our 8 days in Seoul, we managed to traverse almost every single tourist attraction there is. Well, they're mostly ancient castles, but there are some weird things too. I shall try to explain in the captions to the pictures below.

There is an unspeakable story behind thing place, and I shall not elaborate. All I can say is, I'm never eating sausages again.

 This may be the only case where the pen is not only mightier than the sword, but also crushes a million swords with one swift stroke.

 Yes, there is such a thing as a McDonald's Corporation Building in Seoul, with Ronald McDonald perched at the very top floor.

 We got to watch the Cookin' Nanta show, which was undoubtedly one of the best rhythmic theater shows around. 

There's nothing funny about a man with irritable bowel movement, and who poops everywhere. 

This picture of the entire Seoul is shaky because the winds almost whipped my camera off my hands, and it was probably -18° on top of a mountain. 

The N Seoul Tower in all its glory.

We, too, know how to appreciate true art. 

#1 The Nightlife

The nightlife in Seoul is insane (ie: their drinking culture is insane!). Man, I miss those times we were wandering around after midnight and just chilling. No seriously, it's cold and I probably got frostbitten more than once.

The night is still young.

Oh great. After finishing this post, I really wish I could go back to Seoul now. Anyone wants to sponsor me *hint hint* parents *hint hint*


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