Selfies For REAL Dummies


It hasn't been that long since I started writing books, but the demand is strong. This is the fourth entry from my uber popular (?) for REAL Dummies series. The last 3 books, Facebook for REAL DummiesTwitter for REAL Dummies and Instagram for REAL Dummies have sold so well that black market dealers are now personally forced to cut down trees themselves to satisfy the demand for paper needed to print these books. That's how in demand my books are.

After the success of the third book, in which I briefly touched on the subject of "selfies", I have been getting thousands of fanmail asking me about the art of selfies. The selfie is now one of the craziest trends around, where people use their phones as their personal vanity mirrors and take a gazillion photos of themselves. In fact, there's even a song with a kazillion hits on Youtube about the selfie; that's real progress, people. There are unanswered questions; What is a selfie? How do you selfie? which this book will (hopefully) help answer.

So without further ado, Selfies for REAL Dummies.


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