Another 5 More Superpowers A Mother Has


A mother is the greatest superhero in every child's life. Which is why I'm sitting down again for the third year in a row writing about more superpowers a mother has. I honestly thought the sequel last year managed complete the list of superpowers a mother has, but as my mom always likes to tell me, I was sorely mistaken. Yes, a mother has so many superpowers that it took me three Mother's Day posts to list out what I hope is all of them. 

And if you're keeping count, I've already written down 15 superpowers a mother has. That's 15 more than Black Widow, Hawkeye and the Dynamic Duo of Batman and Robin have COMBINED.

#5 Biohazard Material Proof

Have you ever realized how much biohazard waste a mother comes into contact with? I mean, when we were young and didn't know the concept behind "bladder control", who would step up to the plate and clean our soiled bums? Or when we got sick and threw up all over the place, who would arm herself with a bucket and a mop to clean up that mess? Or how about the time you fell down and cut yourself, who would clean up that bloody gash for you? A mom would, that's for sure. Which leads to the question; how is she able to withstand looking at copious amounts of blood, wounds, vomit and poop, more so clean it all up without a hint of fear? I once tried to take care of my friend when he was black out drunk and puking all over the place but ended up needing a lot of help myself. This is almost definitely one of the best superpowers a mother has. 

#4 Psychic Powers

When I say psychic powers, I don't mean the Professor X kind. No, this is something way more terrifying than that. My mom knows exactly what I'm going to do or say even before I do or say it. She has this power that is able to pre-emptively stop me from doing something I plan to do, for example, wolf down an entire bag of MILO by the spoonfuls (don't do it, trust me.) If I were to go against her in a fight, I would lose because she would read me like a book and counter attack appropriately. 

#3 Omnipotence 

A mother is everywhere. She's omnipotent. Don't believe me? Try staying outside past 12am and you'll see the power of her omnipotence. 

#2 Lie Detector

A mother will always know when you're lying, so it's easier to just give up and tell the truth. It's like Sherlock Holmes' deductive skills got together with Superman's X-Ray Vision, the effects are astounding. It automatically scans through your sentences and analyzes your speech patterns, movements, everything. There is no escaping. 

#1 Zen Mode

A mother can handle anything you throw at her. Anything. She goes into this zen mode that can weather the fiercest storms and calm the raging tornadoes. Nothing seems to faze her as she takes everything in with a zen-like calm that incites more fear that peace within you. Failed your test for the twentieth time (that's equivalent to failing through your entire high school), zen mode. Made a scene in the shopping mall? A smile impervious to your cries. 

This however, does not work with a few situations. An example: when you're driving for the first time and she has to be next to you. No manner of zen mode would work for that. True story.

And because it's Mother's Day, I took the opportunity to rope in my mom to act in a new Mother's Day short, Sorry. You can watch it below:

Happy Mother's Day to all!


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