My (Brief) Time at the MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day 2014


I have written previously about the MILO Malaysia Breakfast Day, an event that gathers a large collection of people together to celebrate the joy that is the most important meal of the day. Of course, a celebration of breakfast could only mean one thing: waking up at the crack of dawn on a Sunday morning, something I hadn't, and couldn't have done in a while. 

Because I wasn't about to go to a breakfast without my friends, I dragged along Bugger ECF and Ah Sou MinMin. I say dragged because I literally dragged them out of their beds and plopped them into my car and drove us to the faraway land of Putrajaya where the MILO Breakfast Day was held. They weren't too happy, until I promised them an unlimited amount of MILO. That really got their attention.

I was greeted at Perbadanan Putrajaya by the hyper MILO Positive Energy Squad, who had letters spelling out "POSITIVE" on the front of their shirts. Unfortunately, their routine kinda messed up their spelling a little.


I was late to the party, so I didn't get to see the flag off for the MILO Fun Run, or get to join in, which I (much) later found out I could. It was the beginning of a lot of bad decisions I would be making throughout the day.

So instead of running the race, I went to drown my sorrows with cup after cup of icy cold MILO.

Yup, there were literal MILO trucks lined up along the whole area, just waiting to give you the chocolatey ichor of goodness to get you all happy and energized for the rest of the event.

I didn't get to see the flag off, but I wouldn't miss the participants of the run finishing the race. Typical of my tardy self, I reached the finish line late, long after the first guy crossed the line. I did manage to catch a picture of this guy reaching the finishing line like a boss. It's the only nice picture I have of someone finishing the race.

And I saw the same guy again a while later, lining up for his cup of MILO. It wasn't even intentional because I was just snapping a picture of the people standing in line waiting for their MILO. I only noticed it as I was working on this blog post.

And speaking of long lines, the massive crowd that gathered to celebrate breakfast were too much to handle for the MILO trucks. Look at that cute baby in the picture below, sitting in his stroller and cutting in line for his cup of MILO. But everyone else let him, because he's Malaysian, he's a baby and he's adorable. No one says no to a baby. You will grow up well, kid.

But of course, long lines at the MILO trucks meant that I couldn't get my MILO as fast as I wanted to. So my next plan was to hijack a MILO truck all for myself. No, I'm serious. My serious need to drink MILO made me come up with an irrational plan to hijack a MILO truck and serve myself the MILO instead of waiting for the super friendly MILO truck attendant to do it for me.

I'll say this: I am not cut out to be a MILO truck attendant. #failsatlife

I pretty much overdosed on MILO, drinking way too many cups in a short amount of time. It's safe to say that I probably won't be drinking MILO for a long, long time to come.

The other activities at the MILO Breakfast Day (other than MILO trucks) included watching little kids try to bring out their inner champion in mini games designed to frustrate adults while keeping the kids entertained. Every MILO advertisement is about bringing the champion out of your kids, and if anything, these kids are true champions at winning basketball, football and freaking badminton.

That's a kid's version of the three pointer. 

As I left, hyped up from the MILO and wanting to do something absolutely insane, I decided to haul down the giant MILO balloon from up in the sky just to show people I had the energy to go further. I yanked down the balloon and was promptly escorted out of the premises by the security guards.

Well no, that last part isn't true. But I still pulled down the freaking MILO balloon and DIDN'T (but almost) fly off with it.

You can be sure I'll be there for next year's MILO Breakfast Day, this time, hopefully doing more useful things like running in the Fun Run and not hijacking MILO trucks.


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