Buggers Travel Japan 2014: The Skinny


Some of you may have realized that this blog has been left empty for about a week now. If you follow me on any of the social networks I'm on; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, you would probably know that I jetted off to Japan for the past week or so, because I've been updating those social media sites anywhere I find a WiFi hotspot.

Imagine us as the deer and Bugger Seah as the WiFi. That's how we gyrate. 

"Japan again? You got a lot of money ah?" I can hear the masses furiously typing out over their computer screens. Yes, I was in Japan; Osaka and Kyoto to be more exact, and yes, it was freaking awesome. The last time I was in Japan was with my family, and while it was an enjoyable trip, it was also many kinds of restrictive. This Japan trip was with the Buggers, so things like "self control" and "restraint" were just words in a dictionary. We were also quite happy to have Bugger Seah's girlfriend, Celine or our Ah Sou, travelling with us for the first time ever.

The weather was pretty insane. It was the middle of March, and the temperature was supposed to be on the cooling side rather than the devastating iceland we were forced to trek through every day. Plus, it snowed on our third day there, my first time experiencing being slapped in the face by a howling blizzard. Whatever people may tell you about snow and how beautiful it can be, you'll never see snow in the same light when it continuously pounds into your face at high winds.

Food played a huge part of our trip; because Bugger Marcus was there and that boy loves to eat. There was one day when we ate close to 7 meals just because we could.

 Stop drooling over your keyboard. 

Yes. That is a Japanese omelette rice that is bigger than my head. 

And that one night when me and Bugger Seah walked out into the cold night just to buy midnight snacks and ramen. Yes, we were really THAT desperate to eat all the time.

Hungry heroes. 

Having a bro's girlfriend tagging along on the trip meant that those of us who were single had to constantly stick to each other. Selfies were the "in" thing for the group of us, especially the sadly single boys trying to photobomb the happy couple.

This isn't sad at all. 

We weren't successful most of the time because Bugger Seah has this killer stare that makes one shrivel up in fear and the last thing we need is more chills down our spine.

We also stayed at a ryokan and an awesome guesthouse; both places which required us to forgo beds and sleep on the tatami floors. Not that we minded of course, because sleep is for the weak, and Buggers are anything but weak. But I'll say one thing, sleeping on tatami floors is my new favorite thing. Beds are for weaklings.

This was also a trip when we visited a lot of touristy spots

and took touristy pictures of the touristy landmarks

with touristy photography skills...

We also met a lot of super polite and friendly Japanese people.

The 2 kawaii udon aunties who had their cuteness ready for the camera. 

I'm serious. Japanese people are so nice and polite and friendly that they actually make me feel bad for not showing the same level of friendliness or helpfulness. I'm still bowing at people since I came back to Malaysia, to the judgmental stares of the general Malaysian public. Also, kimono girls.

Kimono girls. Stop drooling. 

Since this is just the skinny of our Buggers Trip, I'll be filling it in with more posts in the following days. Just like how Marcus filled his belly with all the Japanese food for the entire 9 days we were there. Yeah, I'm saying he ate a lot.

Man, I miss Japan already.

チェリオス!(Cheerios in Japanese)

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