My (Brief) Time As a Guest Lecturer


If you've been keeping up with the Wong, you should know that I went back to my former college to give a guest "lecture" at the behest of my former lecturer last Friday. After that guest spot, I posted this picture up on Instagram, which immediately set people's tongues wagging. 

This is the said picture.

Now before you (hi parents!) start a witch hunt to keep me away from your children, I'm here to clarify a few things about my lecture. My lecturer, who reads this blog whenever she's free. read about the 5 shocking cultures that I experienced while in Japan a few weeks back (which you can read about here: and it caught her attention because she was incidentally teaching her Globalization class similar themes on culture. Hence, I was invited back to share about my experiences about the Japanese culture and how I perceived it to be.

Still, because of the picture shown above, my qualifications of being a lecturer (I hadn't yet graduated as of the time of my lecture) and my questionable morals, many people absolutely thought that my entire 45 minute lecture was based on Japanese pornography. Sure, there are plenty of things to discuss about Japanese pornography in general, but I'm not about to start talking about my favorite Japanese Av stars with a bunch of 18 year olds. I have my limits.

Being a lecturer isn't easy. For one, I was worried because I prepared my slides the night before my 9AM lecture, just like what I usually do when finishing up my assignments back in university. Another thing was the 9AM lecture slot. I never managed to attend half my 9AM lectures because of the magnetic attraction I had with my bed, and I was quite worried that the students would have similar mindsets. Also, I'd never done a lecture or presentation for the fun of it before; everything I had done previously had exam marks hanging on the balance.

Besides sharing about pornography and how much we all pretend we don't watch it Japanese culture, homogenization, westernisation, and other things you probably won't care about, I also talked a bit about my life as a university student. Sure, I looked younger than half the students in the class and it may have seemed weird that I was doing the lecturing, but I was glad that they didn't follow in my footsteps and whip out their phones to play Flappy Birds or something like that.

I did manage to leave some tidbits of information here and there; some of which I'm really proud to share with you all here. Who knows?You might learn something too.

"Make parking nightmares; double, triple park your cars, so that the management will understand the pain of lack of parking spots."
"University isn't all about studying, remember to have fun too. Don't do an assignment on the first day, wait for some of the best inspiration juice to hit: last minute panic."
"Never force yourself to attend all the classes in university. It's okay to skip sometimes."

Yeah, after that last one, I'm probably going to be banned from stepping foot into all the universities in the world. No more lecturing for me.


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