6 Things RPGs Have Taught Me About Life (That Probably Will Kill Me)


I'm not exactly a hardcore gamer, but I do enjoy playing RPGs, especially the Final Fantasy series and whatever else is similar (Suikoden, Dragon Quest etc...) I've recently begun replaying some of these RPGs again, on account of having a little too much free time on my hands, and I have discovered something quite disturbing.

As I played through all the RPG titles throughout my formative years, I realized that these games have slowly but surely been teaching me life lessons which will stick with me throughout. But as an adult (?), I discovered that these "life lessons" that I was brought up in might not be the best kind, and most will probably kill me in some way or another.

Here are 6 such examples.

#6 Money ain't a thing

So just spend it all now on that big ass shiny sword. There'll be tons of battles for you to earn back your money.

#5 Talk to strangers everywhere you go

They'll reply you with a totally unrelated quip, ask for help on a quest...

...or sometimes even straight up give you stuff. Like, for FREE. Because everything a total stranger gives you might come in handy.

#4 If you see a split road, explore both

Because you'll definitely have the chance to track back and explore what you missed out after you finish 10 years of medical school.

#3 You can walk from destination A to B

This gives a whole new meaning to "walking through life". Because vehicles and transportation won't come until someone offers it to you very, very late into your journey.

#2 Bosses are defeatable

Try engaging your boss in a battle and see what happens.


#1 Friends will always have your back

Unless they are all dead...

...and you don't have enough Phoenix Downs to go around.

Then you're probably screwed.

So there you have it. Better not stick too much to your Final Fantasy life lessons.


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